UPnPlay is a simple UPnP media player and controller.

The code is beta – it’s tested with only one phone (HTC Desire) and very few UPnP devices.

Known limitations and bugs:

  • video playing is delegated to third party apps (you might like to install MX VideoPlayer, MoboPlayer, RockPlayer Lite, VPlayer …)
  • image viewing is delegated to third party apps
  • no localization
  • as long as multicast sockets don’t work, devices have to be actively searched for (which is done by polling)
  • sometimes UPnP events get lost, so playback stops, or tracks are repeated (select more aggressive wake locks)
  • switch off album art, when browsing takes a very long time
  • decrease browser page size, when memory is low
  • select ‘periodic wake’ somewhere in Settings…, when playback gets choppy with switched off screen, or playlists stop playing, when controlling a renderer
  • notifications can be switched off, when they get too annoying

You can read online help, install older versions or development snapshots from upnplay should updated versions break things (but let me know!).

This is beta software, so don’t hesitate to contact me, if things don’t work. Giving a 1 star rating with a comment like “This crap does not work” certainly won’t improve the app.

Oh, and there is a help, which might contain interesting information.

(I do sometimes read the play store comments. But without any contact by mail, I often don’t know, what’s going on. What does “Doesn’t work on my HTC Desire” mean? I’m developing on a HTC Desire and it works flawlessly… “Doesn’t work with MythTV” – I tested it with MythTV – worked, but only the media server, the renderer doesn’t seem to exist yet. Or it’s another version …. – So please do contact me, otherwise these issues cannot be resolved. Of course it’s up to you, to decide, if it’s worth your time. If you need help, just mail – it doesn’t make much sense asking questions in rating comments, there is no way for me to directly answer.)

Generating a log file:
menu > settings > log level > very verbose
will generate a file upnplay_log.txt in the internal memory or sd card, which can be sent via email (use ES File Explorer or a similar app). Log files might be pretty large and emails don’t always make it to my mailbox. If possible compress the file and/or send another mail for confirmation.

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935 Responses to UPnPlay

  1. So far, I’m really excited 🙂

    I’ve looked at the other (non-costed, I’m loathe to pay for anything I haven’t tried and prefer open source solutions as they tend to turn out best eventually) apps on the market and upnplayer seems by far the most well thought-out. The browsing method and playlist creation is more or less just how I would do it (if I could code!). All that said, even though right now I can’t make it directly play any of my music collection as it is all in flac…

    OTOH, I hoped to use it to control a remote player, but can’t see how to do that? Is it a supported feature? Will it be? Me and the rest of the Android-using audiophile streamers wait with bated breath…

    • bebopfreak says:

      I think there are media servers (mediatomb) that can transcode flac to wav or mp3 on the fly.

      UPnP Renderers should show up at the playlist screen as another item like ‘Local Player’, if they are detected. One might need to do an extra ‘Search Devices’ as detection doesn’t always work reliably. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work …

      • OK, so I just need to get a UPnP Renderer awake on my network. I thought one of the bits of software I’ve been playing with had Renderer UPnP features beyond just playing the files back but I learnt that it was not so…

        I’m playing with MediaTomb, but all my stuff is in FLAC for highest possible quality (some of it is 24bit, some 16) and I’ll just have to either (a) figure out which bit of software on Kubuntu can be a remote controlled Renderer or (b) wait for the proper hifi streamer to arrive 🙂

        If I find any issues, you want them to be reported here?

      • bebopfreak says:

        If you install flac codec in Windows 7, WMP 12 will serve serveral codecs: flac, mp3 etc. I have to look at it, why the tracks weren’t playing with UPnPlay – may be the delay was too long?

        If you want to listen to FLAC natively on your phone, you should add a star at FLAC file support enhancement request.

        If you find issues, report them – otherwise I cannot fix them.

      • vandyswa says:

        I’ve configured Mediatomb with flac transcoding, but with output type of L16, wav, or pcm upnplay still refuses to play it with “Unsupported format(s): audio/l16;rate=44100;channels=2”. The message changes l16/wav/pcm depending on how I set up the transcoder. Any idea what I should change to make UPnPlay happy?

        Thanks… Andy

      • bebopfreak says:

        – you could read the ‘help’ file
        – wav should work (in principle) – headerless L16 and pcm usually don’t work
        – so far I couldn’t make Mediatomb transcoding work 4527608

  2. anders says:

    Tried your app today. No bugs found. Is this open source and you want contributors? May i ask what upnp framework, if any, you used?


    • bebopfreak says:

      It’s free, but currently not open source.
      Good bug reports would be great contributions!
      As the ‘About’ says, it’s based on CyberLink for Java (cybergarage) as UPnP framework.

      • anders says:

        Ok. I must say that I dont like the UI.

        It is easy to get lost. If you want to stick to the current solution you should have a lager font for the title of each screen, also the +- button i dont understand what its for.

        Saving playlists would be great.

        Still no bugs. I have tried it with three or four servers and two renderers =) .

      • bebopfreak says:

        Larger fonts for the title are no problem.

        I thought it’s obvious: ‘-+’ (not ‘+-‘) is the simple combination of the ‘-‘ button in playlists with the ‘+’ button. It’s just a shortcut of erasing the playlist content first and then adding the server items, which results in replacing the playlist content. I have to admit that the Help info is not very detailed.

        Saving playlists should be possible. Try the menu button. The saved playlists should appear in the Local Playlists server.

  3. Ok, finally found a Renderer that worked for me (Kubuntu 10.04.1 LTS), XBMC. Appeared in the player list in UPnPlay, selected, starting playing track from remote storage server (Stora), could also choose from server local to the XBMC box (MediaTomb).


    So (i) up for making this open source? (ii) and then collaborating on a version that can take advantage of an Android tablet e.g. has settings for a file explorer style view, downloads Album art and has thumbnails in the browse list, etc.?

    PS still haven’t managed to break it, so no bugs to report!

    • bebopfreak says:

      (i) haven’t made up my mind yet – so far it’s a simple hobby project
      (ii) thumbnails are already possible – IF the server serves album art links

      • The thumbnail feature I was thinking about is where the art is downloaded from the Internet if the media server doesn’t have it. So when I use the VLC player to play files off my server (which either doesn’t have the art or isn’t serving it, not sure) it goes off to the Internet and gets the art to display, full screen if you prefer – that would be nice on a tablet.

      • bebopfreak says:

        Well I think this feature should be implemented as a service. As far as I know there are some apps in the store. If they would work as service and had an interface specification, I could use them.
        I also looked at ChemicalCovers – it’s a java implementation. But currently it would take too much time to strip off all the Swing stuff and replace it by Android.
        So ideally someone would write some service that would response to intents looking for covers.

  4. st00 says:

    I’m really to finally find a good upnp app wich works with streamium.

    Just one bug for me is : when I create a playlist, my renderer play one song and then stop. Did I do something Wrong ?

    I just want to play all playlist.


    • st00 says:

      I’m really glad….
      Sorry for my english, i’m French (-;

    • bebopfreak says:

      I don’t think you did something wrong!
      I don’t own a streamium, so I couldn’t do tests and it might behave unexpectedly. It would help, if other users could tell me their experience, if possible (I own a Philips TV, which works more or less).
      But there could also be other problems:
      – when I tested with Soundbridges, they sometimes screwed up totally, and they had to be reset. So it wouldn’t hurt to try to reset the device as well as the phone.
      – it might be a wifi problem. When the renderer is playing and the phone screen is off, the phone wifi usually goes into some energy saving mode and must be woken by the router. There might be problems when the router firmware is not up to date or the signal is rather low. You might try to ‘ping’ the phone when the screen is off, and see what happens. Or try to increase the signal strength, moving things around, taking another router …
      – you could also try switching on Settings… -> UPnP Control -> Supervised Play. It will constantly polling to detect, when playing has stopped – and thereby drain your battery.
      Tell me, what you find out.

      • Ok, I have experienced this problem, except sometimes it plays the list, sometimes it plays one track, sometimes two. I have supervised play on (I felt things should be supervised 😉 ), I have left the phone where the wifi signal is particularly strong.

        I didn’t have upnp support turned on on the router, I was under the impression that was more for upnp devices to configure the router for Internet access and I think router configuration is something I should supervise 🙂 – I have turned it on now and will test further…

      • bebopfreak says:

        I don’t think you have to turn on upnp support on the router – it might be even dangerous. Events just get lost! I have similar software running on my old Nokia 770 and there it behaves much more reliably. Multicast is still broken on my HTC Desire, so I don’t know how much one can trust the radio software.
        Anyway my experience tells me the stronger the signal the more reliable the behaviour.

  5. Kazoa says:

    Hey mate

    Great sounds perfect with this app. One problem though… i cant get to it on market, is it limited to some countries or maybe android versions?

    If you have a direct link (without market) ied love to try it.

    Info: Contry: Denmark
    Phone: SE X10 mini pro
    Android version: 1,6 Donut

    • bebopfreak says:

      Currently it’s only for Android 2.1 and higher.
      I don’t have any 1.6 phone available, therefore cannot test.

      • Kazoa says:

        Hey Bebopfreak

        Soooo only thing i can ask… Do you want it testet in a 1.6 device. I know it aint open source, but never the less. Ill gladly test it for you.
        Im not a android programmer but i work in vb.net and php so the general terns i do understand.

        Regards Kaz

      • bebopfreak says:

        There is an experimental version for lower Androids at Experimental Downloads.

      • Kazoa says:

        Hey again. Just tryied it. Went off with a bang guess there is to many differances between 1.6 and 2.x.

        Launched it and all i got was app failed, forced closed.

        If u have a clue i would lv if this got to work. Else ill properly have to wait till SE gets their shit together and releases 2.x on their x10 series…


  6. Scott says:

    Thanks for your efforts. This SB app made my day. The months of the timestamps in the comments are covered by the icons so it is not possible to get the chronology. Could you please post a Upnp app overview statement in order to get an idea of what this app will do??

  7. Gustav says:


    Here are my feedback,
    I found it on the market on my 2.1 device. It just didn’t do anything than just fail during browsing. Then I downloaded it from the link http://upnplay.hoohol.ath.cx/ as mentioned. 0.0.3. Same version as the one on the market it seems…. However that worked. I tried on 1.6 X10mini and X10 and it works without issues. I actually play on both devices at the same time from my readyNASduo. I can access my readynasduo, microsoft media player but not winamp remote 2.01.0013 (I know, old version).

    I like:
    1. The playlist is saved and keeps playing after restart of phone.
    2. Most wanted app from my side since a long time.
    3. Free

    Room for improvements:
    1. As mentioned I agree with other person that the menu layout could be improved. I cannot be more specific than it was a bit difficult to understand.
    2. The filenames should include endings (mp3, flac, jpg…)
    3. It would be nice if it supported pls or m3u files as well. Then already existing playlists could be used.

    To be an alpharelease I am impressed. No real bugs found yet. I am using default setting.

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for…. Thank you
    There is nothing available on the market that does this and you say you started in april – amazing!

    • bebopfreak says:

      The versions aren’t quite identical – 0.0.3x is a bit more recent (additional try-catches and 1.6 specific fixes). The app should crash more often with the mini, as it has far less RAM memory than other devices. Long playlists won’t work.

      1) It would be helpful, if you could be a bit more specific (examples?). As I’m used to the interface by now, I cannot see difficulties any more. A screen for source, a screen for sink and a screen for album art ….
      2) With UPnP you usually don’t get filenames, you get objects with titles, artists and information about available streaming protocols (depending on the transcoding capabilties of the media server there might be serveral codecs (flac, mp3, wav) per object). How should I display them?
      3) Similar problem as 2). But usually media servers can handle playlists (i.e. mediatomb), so you can retrieve them via the server and store them locally. There is a general problem with local playlists: whenever the server changes its ip address or the id of an object, these lists or some entries become obsolete.

      • Gustav says:

        Ok, long time since last but I have used it for a while and now I also am used to the menu system. It took some time to work out but now I know…
        Additional requests:
        1 In the local playlist it would be good if the songs was numbered.
        2 Not all buttons lit up when I press them on my SonyEricsson device. IT would be good to get that feedback to indicate key press was accepted. Also please add slightly more time. If I remove finger really quick then I can see that the +/- key was pressed.
        3 pressing +/- does not autoplay new songs in my playlist. But this is checked in the settings menu so this function semms not working


      • bebopfreak says:

        1) Which numbers do you mean? The track number in the corresponding album or the position in the playlist? What’s the benefit of the latter?
        2) The device seems to be too fast. I will try to let it sleep for a short while, but it will block the interface that amount of time.
        3) Should work. If it doesn’t work for you in the next release, please mail me, so I can debug it!

  8. Dankeeys says:


    Great app, takes me back to the days when I was looking for a way to play mp3s from my pc on my Dell PDA. Just thought I would share some real life results from using this app on my Motorola Milestone, and a few comments.

    1. Playback stops when phone locks screen. The out of the box settings on this phone does this pretty much after 5 or 6 seconds of idle, dunno if this is a similar issue on other driods? This however only occurs when upnplay is the current app showing on the screen. When multitasking i.e. in the internet browser with upnplay sitting in the background the music continues without fault
    2. Extending and retracting the keyboard also stops playback, needing to press play again to resume music. Again as above however this is only applicable when upnplay is the current app on the screen

    3. The speed of the browsing is quite slow, back in the day using upnp players on my dell PDA, probably 5 or 6 years ago the browsing speed was almost as fast as if on the pc itself, don’t know if anything can be done to increase browsing speed, or if in fact there is only an issue on this phone?
    4. Does not support screen rotation.

    I like the app, its very simple to use and above all very basic and minimalist in its appearance which is my opinion is a big plus. Have you looked into graphic equalizers etc? I loved the mega bass option on my late P1i. makes no bloody difference what so ever on the crappy phone speaker(s), but for people who use the phone in the car or through speakers in the house, an equalizer would be a very advantageous addition to the setup.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Sorry to hear that – it isn’t exactly the intented behaviour besides 4), the minimalistic approach.
      It shouldn’t stop playing in cases 1) and 2) and browsing speed is pretty satisfying on my phone.
      If you want to spend some time and effort to help resolve these issues, you could pm me.

  9. I’ve just tried UPnPlay after a user on the Cling mailinglist posted about it. Works well! If you are looking for a more powerful replacement for Cyberlink with good support for Android, try Cling: http://teleal.org/projects/cling/


  10. Tham Wang Jun says:

    Hi! I really like your app! It works well with foobar2000 UPnP Server!
    However I realised that only MP3 format is supported and it’ll be great if it supported other formats that Android supports natively, like Ogg Vorbis or MPEG-4 formats like AAC.
    Anyways keep up the good work!
    (P.S I really like the sliding effect when browsing through folders)

    • bebopfreak says:

      Obviously I didn’t include enough protocolInfo patterns. I included audio/ogg and audio/x-aac, but there also seem to exist audio/x-ogg, application/ogg etc.
      Does anybody know, what foobar200 server generates, so I can include them?

      • robotsdestroyjpn says:

        You might find this useful:

        Foobar requires this plugin (most commonly used) in order to transcode/stream with UPNP.

        It currently works great with the app. I’ve got mine set to always transcode to an mp3.

        Only feature i’d like to see is adding servers outside of LAN. Otherwise wonderful app (especially for an alpha release)

      • bebopfreak says:

        UPnP and servers outside LAN isn’t trivial. Automatic detection wouldn’t work …
        Privately I added a simple MP3tunes like interface to my server and a simple MP3tunes like extension to my Android client.
        (But that’s really a hack and not UPnP!)

  11. Dave Lorde says:

    I just tried UPnPlayer on my HTC Desire running Froyo and streaming from the Asset UPnP audio server from Windows Home Server. My main database is FLAC, so I set Asset to transcode to Wave PCM, and managed to get music playing on the Desire.

    However, apart from finding the navigation a touch confusing (I’ll get used to it!), I found there were a few problems with this setup:

    1. The screen must remain on or some kind of buffering problem occurs after a minute or so, when the music breaks up into segments of a few seconds with short intervals. This recovers if the screen is reactivated.

    2. When a playlist is loaded, the tracks do play sequentially, but from the second track onwards, only the first 30 seconds of each track plays before the next starts playing. This doesn’t happen if you explicitly navigate to a track, e.g. using the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ track arrows. This means you listen to the first 30 seconds of all tracks in a playlist by default, but if you want to hear one all the way through, you need to navigate to it or select it explicitly…

    3. A few tracks (mostly FLAC from HD downloads) play with white noise bursts at about 2 per second (hiss-hiss-hiss-hiss…) despite being transcoded to Wave PCM like all the others. Note that this problem also occurred with the AndroMote Remote app.

    Apart from the problems, the response was fast, and the sound was excellent. If you need any more information, let me know.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I installed Asset (besides WMP 12, foobar2000) on my machine today, and indeed I could reproduce some of the problems with my HTC Desire:
      – when playing mp3 files there are no problems at all
      – playing transcoded flac files, problems 1) occur, when the screen turns off
      You could avoid the problems by
      – either plugging in the usb charger
      – or changing the option ‘Wakelock’ to ‘screen dim wake lock’ (drains less battery than if the screen remains on)
      I don’t know, why Android interlinks processor activity states directly with screen states.

      I couldn’t reproduce problems 2) yet. Concerning 3) have you tried any other transcoder (like foobar2000) – might be unrelated to the Desire.

      • Dave Lorde says:

        Thanks bebopfreak, I’ll try changing ‘Wakelock’ to ‘screen dim wake lock’, but plugging in the USB charger to listen defeats the point of using a mobile device…

        I don’t want to transcode to MP3 because of the loss of quality when streaming to the hifi – but I suppose I could use another server to stream MP3 for the Desire – it’s worth a thought.

        I haven’t yet tried another transcoder because Asset serves all my other streaming needs without problem – to PCs, iPod Touch, and hi-fi (Linn DS). None of the controllers & media players show the problem. WIth the iPod, I can use four different controllers (ChorusDS, PlugPlayer, Songbook DS, Konductor) that stream to either the iPod or hifi, and these problems don’t occur.

        I’ll have a look at foobar2000.

      • bebopfreak says:

        I don’t want to transcode to MP3 because of the loss of quality when streaming to the hifi – but I suppose I could use another server to stream MP3 for the Desire

        A good UPnP server would offer serveral transcoding options per track and a good controller / renderer could select the best one. I don’t know may UPnP server that are able to do that, WMP 12 and mediatomb are among them.

  12. @David Lorde: a streaming server that transcodes shouldn’t just transcode to one format, it should make various formats available e.g. I can transcode to ogg for good portable media players, to MP3 for bad ones and still have it in FLAC 24/96 for grabbing from your hifi’s renderer. The white noise issue I’ve only encountered with 24 bit audio on devices that can’t really cope with that audio density.

    • Dave Lorde says:

      Thanks for the ideas – although as I understand it, WMP 12 is a media player for Windows, so not so useful for the Desire; MediaTomb sounds good, but doesn’t seem run on Windows Home Server (only Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X).

      @Chris Puttick – I think you’re right about the audio density causing the Desire to choke – the tracks in question are from HD studio master downloads.

      Any suggestions for a WHS-compatible server that has multi-format transcoding from FLAC and can serve random selection playlists?

      • AFAIK WMP12 can also be a server (not a huge difference in code base to achieve both), although don’t know about random selection playlists. And with my music collection I’d think a random selection would be a bad idea…

  13. Dave Lorde says:

    @Chris Puttick: ah, thanks for the tip about WMP12, I shall investigate further.

    As for random selection – my music collection covers almost every genre, style and time – but somehow following Bach with Burning Spear, or Blind Willie McTell with Antonio Forcione, just seems to work – and if I’m not in the mood for something, I just skip to the next mystery track, be it Stan Tracey, Inolvidables Sevillanas, Mos Def or Orb – and I get to hear tracks that I’d probably never explicitly chose to play, which I think is a Good Thing 😉

  14. bob says:

    “UPnP and servers outside LAN isn’t trivial. Automatic dection wouldn’t work …”

    It’s not that difficult. To implement it you need to:

    – let the user add a device and it’s device XML URL.
    – fetch the device XML
    – override the streaming ip addresses in the returned by the server (which most likely will be LAN ips) with the WAN ip

    That’s how PlugPlayer do it.

    • bebopfreak says:

      A faked SSDP packet will already do most of it automatically (except url overwriting).

      I certainly won’t respond to any questions concerning ips, ports, udns, firewalls, nats, routers or anything else that could go wrong!

      • robotsdestroyjpn says:

        faking an SSDP packet is harder than port forwarding.

        All I’m saying is that it’d be a nice feature… since there is no other app that does this for android.

      • bebopfreak says:

        But it’s sort of minimally invasive for the whole system! Today I could already browse vian WAN – only the interface and url rewriting are missing.

        I was saying I’m not giving any support for this feature, because there are too many things that could go wrong!

      • robotsdestroyjpn says:

        Are you refering to copyright issues or just user issues?

        And, do you have your source code published anywhere?

      • bebopfreak says:

        I’m refering to user issues and the code isn’t published.
        But you could try out the experimental WAN access.

  15. Dave Lorde says:

    Just a quickie – trying version 0.0.9, I no longer get the truncation of tracks in a playlist, they all play all the way through as expected. Getting better… 😉

  16. Tom D says:

    I accidentally published prematurely.

    My server has a “dynamic playlist”. In order to listen to it I have to blow away my local playlist and recreate it every time I want to listen to it which is cumbersome because I have to flip through pages to add them

    Which bring s me to my next suggestion. I should be able to select a whole folder and add it to the playlist without having to drill down and flip through pages to add.

    I would love the ability to be able to manually provide server ip and port number so I can stream music from home , and of course do this over cell network without wifi so I can do this from anywhere

    • bebopfreak says:

      I don’t know, if I understand your problem. But it shouldn’t be too cumbersome to replace the local playlist:
      1) you can increase the page size to 500 (should be enough tracks for one day) or more, if your phone has enough memory
      2) you only need to push the ‘-+’ button in order to replace the local playlist by the current browser screen and start playback
      Adding a whole folder might be dangerous – it’s only a phone and there are already enough low memory crashes!

      ‘menu’ -> ‘help’. At the very end you can read about the experimental WAN feature, which allows you to clone your home media server in order to edit ip and port (feedback is welcome, as it’s a brand new untested feature).

  17. Sukkubus says:

    hi bepopfreak!

    It would be great, if upnpplay would NOT check for an established WIFI connection. I use openvpn to connect to my upnp-server at home. When an openvpn session is established, upnpplay even displays my upnp-servers in the background… But then forces me to quit, becaus WIFI is not turned on.

    Not checking the WIFI connection would make upnplay useable for openvpn users who connect via UMTS 🙂

  18. Georg says:

    Hey, you are definitely on the right track. Thanks for this. Works great on I9000. Please add WMA support. The internal player on Samsung I9000 does support WMA. Maybe you can route local audio rendering to the default player (or make it selectable). If so UPnPlay would be almost perfect as an apha already!
    Best, Georg

    • bebopfreak says:

      I’m actually using the default player, but I’m inhibiting formats like flac, video etc. Wma should work, as there is an entry for it: ‘http-get:*:audio/x-ms-wma:*’.
      Is it possible that your media server uses a different mime type?
      You can add mime types under
      Settings… -> Debug -> protocolInfo
      They have the form
      different entries are separeted by comma and is what your media server thinks is the wma mime type.

      • Georg says:

        I use standard windows media network sharing upnp. The mime type is exactly what you say. Is it possible the wma capable media player is not the default player? Can upnplay select (or show) the local player?
        Best, Georg

      • Georg says:

        It says “Nothing to play (empty playlist?) and skips the wma track. Where can I find the debug log? Maybe there’s some info that might help you track down the problem.

      • bebopfreak says:

        I switched off wma support, as it is not one of Android’s core codecs. Even if your phone manufacturer brags it is supporting wma, streaming wma doesn’t necessarily work (It doesn’t on my HTC).
        You can always add additional formats by editing: Settings… -> Debug -> protocolInfo
        basically switches off all filtering!

  19. alex says:

    Hi. Autorotate feature is requested. Really annoying on tablet,while using horizontally. Anyway perfect app.

  20. Robert says:

    Unfortunately, the latest version not control my Linn DS player. the linn ds is correctly identified, the data on my twonkey server be found, I can create a playlist but not play !

  21. dankeeys says:

    Hi again,

    Just thought I would post an error occuring on my motorola milestone for you to take a look at when you have time, opening program either horizontal or vertical works fine however trasition causes the following error message requiring a force close “The application UPnPlay(process cx.hoohol.silanoid) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.

    Also is there any chance you will be releasing the same program that can work on samba? I really think the faster speed of browsing woudl go down well?



  22. dankeeys says:

    sorry forgot to mention the above only occurs when keyboard is opened / shut

    • bebopfreak says:

      I’m going to try to reproduce the crash with the emulator (unfortunately my HTC doesn’t have a keyboard) – I might ask you for a stack trace, if I don’t succeed.
      About the samba shares – well, currently there are still enough other errors to fix …

  23. galobiela says:

    I just downloaded as I was looking for a UpNP client app. So far it works good on a Samsung Vibrant. I have a Wireless Cisco Router with UpNP Media Server capabilities and it discovered the device and can create my playlist.

    The only bug I’ve seen so far is that the cover images are not loaded. Or sometimes they are loaded but disappear. Maybe you could give the option to the upload the image manually.

  24. Emmanuel says:


    A really nice job. I’m using it on a HTC desire with SLA 5520 players and twonky media server.

    I have 2 questions :
    In the playlist screen, how can I get the thumbnails covers (no cover displayed but they are displayed in the player screen) ?
    Is it possible to set a option enabling UpnPlay to run even if the smartphone is in idle mode (screen off)

    Thank you very much

    • bebopfreak says:

      – does setting Settings… -> Appearance -> Album Art not work?
      – usually it should play in idle mode, but for some phones or codecs you have to select Settings … -> Experimental -> screen dim wake lock

  25. Kristian says:


    Just wanted to say thank you for a great app (if not perfect yet 😉

    I currently use it on my Nationite MIDnite 7 inch tablet running Froyo (Android 2.2) It works with most audio files, however not WMA and video files, hope you can sort this out in the future 🙂

    My server is a TVersity on a Win2003 server.

    Thanks again and take care…

    LOVE the app-concept, and it is just what I mainly wanted to use my tablet for when I bought it.

    Let me know if I can help with anything…

  26. Sorna says:

    Hey Thanks for this app. It works great for Audio in Samsung Galaxy S. I have a feature request :-). Would it be possible to implement folder selection for the download (or would it be possible to change the location through some configuration files?). The download mode works fine for me. But the default file location is the internal SD card in Galaxy S.

    Thanks again,

    • bebopfreak says:

      As far as I understand it, external SD cards are mounted as subdirectories of the internal SD card directory (as ‘sd’ in the case of Galaxy).
      Therefore there will be the possiblity to define an additional subdirectory in the next release. Hope, that will work.

      • Sorna says:

        Thank you very much for the quick implementation of this. That works like a charm in my galaxy S.

  27. Bjorn says:

    Which software is best to use with UpNPlay? Or do I have to setup a UpNP maually?

  28. de_MarK says:

    The new video streaming feature is really great, I use it with RockPlayer. But the player cannot see see my .srt subtitles this way. Is it any chance to fix it?

    • bebopfreak says:

      Well, the app is about AUDIO, and I don’t have any idea of how videos work. I don’t think there is any UPnP or DNLA standard that handles two different streams: video and subtitles. There might be non standard ways though. But a standard way would be letting the server transcode the files into a container that handles subtitles (ts).

  29. Robit says:

    When start UPnPlay write for me “Wif-Fi must be turned on, before you can use UPnPlay”
    but the wifi is enabled and connected to my AP

    When search the devices not found anything..
    I tested in gnome Flytouch tablet android 1.6
    alternate firmware from slatedroid

    • bebopfreak says:

      If it’s Gome Flytouch, it seems to have an additional ethernet interface. So may be interfaces are confused. As I don’t have the device and no matching emulator, I can’t do any tests. Have you tried to connect it via the ethernet cable?

      • Robit says:

        Yes I try it.
        Try over ethernet, the wifi is disabled or not disabled state

        but not found devices
        the DLNA server is MediaTomb in ubuntu
        (test it with the Totem media player)

  30. whenthelight says:

    Hey great App THX you made my day 😉
    I’ve an Archos 5IT and now i can control my popcorn hour c-200 playlists and playback runs smooth no lags or something very nice. Keep up the good work.

    Greets from cold (Heidelberg) Germany

  31. elmicha says:

    UPnPlay is great! Do you plan to implement a media renderer service? Currently there is no UPnP media renderer for Android, as far as I know. The local player already is kind of a renderer, but it doesn’t announce itself, and so it cannot be controlled by another control point. With a media renderer service users could hook one phone to a stereo and control it with another phone.

    • bebopfreak says:

      As long as multicast doesn’t work on my HTC phone, it doesn’t make much sense. I recycled an old Nokia 770 and wrapped UPnP around mplayer. Together with a pair of active boxes it’s a nice stereo in my bathroom – and it’s more reliable than this Android stuff!

      • elmicha says:

        Oh ok, I didn’t realize that multicast support is apparently only working on some phones. There’s even a report from a guy with 2 Desires: one with working multicast and one with broken. The ZeroConf Browser from the market doesn’t work on my Hero (2.1), but it works on my Kaiser (2.2, CM6.1). There’s also a wpa_supplicant binary which is supposed to repair the multicast brokenness, but it didn’t work on my Hero with ZeroConf Browser.

        And even if you had working multicast on your Desire, many phones wouldn’t have it, and you couldn’t tell users that they need to upgrade to 2.2 if it doesn’t work there with some ROMs.

      • bebopfreak says:

        By double negation multicast seems to work, if your router is also brokenl: Issue 8407

  32. eskaell says:

    It’s a really great piece of software. Thanks!
    But can you please change the sort order to make upper amd lower case character the same in folder views.
    And i would like to have a way to add a whole directory with all subdirs to the playlist e.g. all albums from one artist.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I don’t want to mess around with media server results, so the sequence you get, is the sequence that is provided by the media server. You certainly don’t want your album tracks alphabetically sorted! There are very flexible media servers around, where you can define the containers you would like to see (like mediatomb).

  33. Classy D. says:

    this looks very promising. I am trying to get it to work over a WAN, could you give me a hint how to discover a server? I will be happy to provide feedback/help debug this type of thing – am new to Android development, but have been coding in Java for a number of years.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I really don’t know, if it will work – it did, when I tried, but I haven’t had any positive feedback so far …
      The server cannot be discovered automatically over the WAN as multicast only works in a limited domain.
      As a prerequisite you need to know the IP address or hostname of your server (either you have a fixed address/hostname or you have a dynamic ip service) and you have to make sure that your firewall is transparent to the ports your UPnP server uses.
      After activating the WAN checkbox, you can clone your UPnP server at home: long click at your UPnP server and select the menu option ‘clone’. You will get get a menu, where you can enter the WAN IP address or hostname of your server.
      Please pm me, if things don’t work, or if you have further questions!

  34. Dave Lorde says:

    For some reason, the latest version of UPnPlay on my HTC Desire no longer detects Asset UPnP running on my primary server (it can detect Windows Media Server running on the same box, but unfortunately WMS doesn’t recognise the FLAC files). Other applications (e.g. iPod and laptop UPnP control points) can detect Asset without problems.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

  35. Alex says:

    I am using upnplay 0.0.17 on my htc desire with foobar2000.
    It seems a bug that upnplay will scrobble songs with “title/album artist” instead of “title/ artist”, so that last.fm will get the wrong song info.

    sorry for my poor english.
    Thank you!

    • bebopfreak says:

      Currently I’m just taking the first artist in the description. Servers can add ‘role’ information, but I don’t know, if there is a standard.
      Microsoft uses the roles ‘AlbumArtist’ and ‘Performer’. I don’t know, what other media servers like foobar2000 do, and how much
      one can rely on it. How to scrobble multiple artists?

      • Alex says:

        Foobar2000 will just scrobble something like “artist A , artist B , artist C” as one artist.

    • Alex says:

      I have one more problem on my desire that the scrobbler didn’t work properly.
      I saw my scrobble record on Last.fm when I just start playing a song , but I could not found it about 30 secs later.

      Thank you

  36. sbuzz says:

    Works great with my desire. No problems streaming my mp3 collection.

    How do I select rockplayer as a video renderer so I can stream my xvids as well as my music?

    Thanks for a great app

    • bebopfreak says:

      The app receives the mime type of the video by the media server. Depending on this mime type (which might be correct or not) it searches apps that are supposed to be able to play this video type. It only presents a dialog, if there are more than one. So there are lots of places, where things can go awry. You have to have rockplayer installed, the media server has to supply a mime type that rockplayer announced to be able to handle and the video itself must be of a format that rockplayer can play.

    • sbuzz says:

      Cheers, all my xvids streaming now as well as mp3s.
      I love this app.

  37. Pierre Carlier says:


    Great app ! Altough i manage to use it, i wonder if there is a little documentation around… For example, i am not sure of the “big +” and “+ -” buttons.
    How do you clear the current list ?

    I found a bug for ogg audio files from a mediatomb server (MediaTomb UPnP Server version 0.12.1) : when playing an ogg file, i got this error message :

    IOException: setDataSource failed. : status = 0x800000000 with stream : http://[mytombserver.port]/...object_id/[file_number]/res_id/0/ext/file.ogg
    I confirm there is an ogg file at this url and which work when playing it with this url from the server.

    (the media format is detected as audio/ogg in mediatomb)

    Smartphone : Gallaxy S i9000



    • bebopfreak says:

      Ever stumbled across the menu item ‘help’? ‘+’ : add, ‘-‘: delete, ‘-+’ first delete then add => replace.
      I tested with MediaTomb 0.12.0 and HTC Desire, no problems.
      Do you have any transcoding switched on? Is your server extremely slow?
      Please email me the exact url.

      • Pierre Carlier says:

        Hi, thanks you for your reply.
        I don’t know what you mean with “transcoding switched on”. I didn’t change any experimental setting.
        No, i don’t have any performance problem. Upnplayer work well with mp3 files.
        I tested few things :
        – ogg file works well on my Gallaxy when using le standard media player with local files
        – it doesn’t seem to be a server problem, as i succeed to read ogg files from another client on my PC.

        The exact url is :
        [audio src="" /]

        Thanks for your help.


  38. Robb says:

    Hi, I love your upnp app. I have a Sprint Epic droid phone. When using the app it see’s my D-Link DNS-323 server just fine. When I click into the Music folder it doesn’t see anything. Trying to figure out if I need to configure any other settings?

    • Robbie d says:

      Maybe check to see if DMA sharing is possible or enabled

      • maht says:

        Quite the same here – but with nexus 7 & DNS-320. I can stream video with third party player,pictures are ok, i can browse through audio (mp3), add the to playlist but none are playing…

  39. Robbie d says:

    Love the app, streaming didn’t work with other apps I tried. This one was a one click wonder, found my stora straight away.
    I enabled wma from your earlier post, and it works for about a minute then completely slows down the phone, almost unusable. This is on an HTC Desire running froyo, and if I leave it long enough it causes a reboot after this error.
    Apart from that, fantastic app

  40. rhj says:

    First of all congratulations to such a great application!

    I tested in on the first Google-Handy, the G1 (developer edition, rooted)–and it works as expected!

    Server: Twonky Media on a QNAP NAS
    Renderer: AVM WLAN Repeater.

    However, I noticed a few errors/bugs/annoiances:

    1. The Multimedia-Server of my Fritz!Box 7270 is not shown in the list of servers.

    2. In the list of servers an entry “Playlist” shows up. What is it for?

    3. When using UpnPlay lots of error messages show up. How can find out what they mean anh what’s causing them.

    bebopfreak keep up this good work. I am willing to test any new version on my equipment and togive feedback.


    PS: The photo suggests that bepopfreak is living in Germany, county of Starnberg. If so, then we are neighbors here in Germany 🙂 My car carries a licence plate with STA-…..

  41. Chud says:


    Played with UPnPlay (v0.0.19) and like it a lot.

    I’m using a Samsung Captivate
    I897 AT&T froyo release Lagfixed, rooted

    Connected instantly with the 2 DLNA servers i tried:
    Ps3Media Server (v1.20.412)
    Twonky Server demo (v6.0.28)

    Browsing the directories and calling up the streams is instant. great job!

    I noticed you mention the fact that the actual rendering of the media files is left to the local players and listed that as a bug. If i may offer a suggestion: I’d try and keep that as an actual feature and put a little work on getting the integration with default installed players tighter and a little more seamless. I personally think it’s great that the client user gets to select his favourite media player while using UPnPlay as a DLNA connector of sorts. For example, I have rockplayer installed and it currently seems to be the best option for rendering videos but like many, I use a different player for audio (poweramp in this case) which is not coming up when cueing audio files from the DLNA servers (im guessing its the default music player that does).

    One big feature I’d like to see is the ability to provide an IP address or URL for the DLNA server. I think being on my office Lan and streaming audio from my home Lan over the intertubes would be great (I looked but couldnt see if this is already possible or not.)

    Last thing: The UI is a bit of a mess (plus, minus, folder,list note(?), not so dummyfriendly). At this stage I don’t think you should worry too much about it but I think later down the road, when you get competition in the DLNA client apps market, it’s gonna be a major breaking point. FYI you have no competition at the moment. Yours is the only app that actually does what it says it does, ie.: Play some files from a DLNA server using standard DLNA protocol. KUDOS to you.

  42. Jan says:

    I installed UPnPlay for use instead of Samsung’s AllShare on my Galaxy S and I find it to be a nice piece of software. I have a little problem though… when I place an album in the playlist and choose to skip to the next track on the player screen, sometimes it skips over a few tracks and plays a track a few rows down instead. Selecting the track from the playlist manually plays it, however. But not always. I might have to select it a couple of times before it plays. My media server is Asset UPnP and my renderer is a Linn Akurate DS. Might this be a control point bug?

  43. Litening says:

    Hey Bebopfreak,

    Just installed your app. It works with my HTC Desire and a Buffalo Linkstation NAS with DLNA support.
    Took a very long time to finally find the NAS on the Network, though.
    Maybe it only took very long to map the size able disc.
    If this is the case, than some form of progress bar would come in handy.

    UPnPlay played streaming MP3s with no problem.
    JPGs only showed through “Gallery” app. “View File” was not able to render simple jpgs.
    Video: when selecting AVIs it only provides the options to render them through “Movies” and “ES File Explorer”. I currently use Vplayer to play AVIs locally, but it does not show up in the viewer selection menu.
    Is it UPnPlay that doesn’t call all the possible APIs or does the cause lie with Vplayer?
    Anyway, AVI player support via UPnPlay would be great.

    Thanks for a already great app sofar.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Device detection shouldn’t depend on disk size. If it takes too long, you might initiate another search via menu -> Devices.
      I tried to describe in menu -> Help under ‘Codecs’ what’s going on. It involves everything: video codec, media server and Vplayer.

  44. David says:

    Nice app.

    Although I cant get my Denon 4311 to popup in the player list (as a renderer)

    Using minidlna as my server..

    I can stream FLAC’s on the 4311 from minidlna just fine… I just cant control the 4311 from upnplay.

    Hope you can help 🙂


  45. elmicha says:

    Wow, the new Renderer service is great! There seems to be some confusion at the first connection, because I get two Toast messages and logcat entries:

    12-12 14:14:34.382 E/CyberDevice(23890): Status 500: ‘Internal Server Error’
    12-12 14:14:34.382 E/CyberDevice(23890): Error 401: ‘Action not implemented’

    But then it works. I’m using the UPnPlay renderer on my old HTC Kaiser with Froyo. There’s also another tiny glitch: below the “Start Renderer” checkbox there are now two “Start Server” checkboxes.

  46. UltimateGeppie says:

    Hi BebopFreak,

    Because my SE X10 long time was running 1.6 i didn’t know about UPnPlay. In stead i used Andromote.
    Since 2.1 is out on the X10 i’m leaving Andromote and am using UPnPlay. I like the app very much.
    I am using it with FreeNas (Fuppes 0.660) as server and a D-Link DSM-230 as a renderer over 54g Wifi (no encryption).

    This combination is working so flawlessy that i am selling my (€849,-) Nevo SL remote controller (check mynevo.com) This controller is intended to do the same, but in fact UPnP does the job better, far more better and far more smooth!

    So Thumb up in all ways.
    At the moment i’m trying to open my firewall, so i can use WAN support. I’ll let you know ’bout the WAN-possibilities i am experiencing.

    What i don’t know yet, is how i need to setup album art (Server-side, Fuppes), so that UPnPlay will show it.
    In what manner should the server give out the art? Is is a seperate file (next to the audio files) with specific filename or must the album art be embedded in ID-tag of MP3 file? Can you give some hints on this?

    thank you! It’s a great piece of software!


    • bebopfreak says:

      Album art is given by urls, which are then downloaded by the controller and/or renderer. If you have embedded pictures, the media server should extract them and provide the urls to the extractions. Media servers differ in what they are able to do. The best ones even provide multiple urls for different resolutions of the same picture. I don’t know about Fuppes’ capabilities.

      • UltimateGeppie says:

        Thanx bebopfreak!

        I’ll look into Fuppes and it’s abilities to extract and provide URL for the albumart.
        Regarding WAN: I’ve opened up firewall completely. On my router (Asus WL-500g) i set up virtual server so it can do port forwarding (using is for many other services as well), results are as follows:
        When Selectiing MyMediaServer (WAN) is then shows MyMediaServer. Selecting it again says: Already connected. So i guess it’s a good thing!
        Then, when selecting MyMediaServer, most of the time i get the (dutch) message: Toepassing UPnPlay (in proces cx.hoohol.silanoid) reageert niet. translated: The application UPnPlay…. is not responding. I can close or wait….
        I guess it’s a time-out of some sort.
        When i choose to Wait it can also come up with the message: Activity UPnPlay (in application UPnPlay) is not responding.

        Sometimes it doesn’t time-out, but shows: Retrieving from mymediaServer (yes!).
        But when it does…. is taking hours and still comes up with nothing.

        I guess the 3g of HSDPA connection is poor. But then again: it is able to find MyMediaServer, so maybe i need to fiddel around with setup?
        For now i have opend up the Server port for both UDP and TCP. or do i need to open for some other sort of protocol?
        Also, on WAN clone settings i only changed the ip adres, leaved everything else the same (name, port, description, UDN).
        I hope it is some usefull information for you… may be you have some ideas….

        kind regards!
        —Gerben (Netherlands)

      • bebopfreak says:

        Obviously there are some connection problems and there is room for improving the interface.
        Can you switch on debugging
        Settings -> Debug -> Log Level -> Very Verbose
        and send the file ‘upnplay_log.txt’ (sd card) to my email address?

  47. UltimateGeppie says:

    Hi Bebopfreak,

    I’m protecting my content on server very much, so when at home i will edit the log, changin the WAN-IP and UUID.
    Then i’ll send you the log using the send log option. Hope you don’t mind.

    In the mean time, maybe i can give you some info already:
    When i’m looking into the log, i find that the mediaserver is presenting itself, including URLBase. This URL is a private one (10.x.x.x:port), instead of a 213.x.x.x:port. This seams strange to me.
    After this presentation, the server is added by Cybergarage and Silanoid. Then there comes renewSubscriberService (3 times). Guess this happens when i select MyMediaServer. At the end of the logfile, Silanoid is started, resumed, renewSubsciberService and ending with Mediabrowser onclick postion, mediabrowser CD:1 and CyberServer browse 0

  48. david says:

    I love this app. But I must request that you add browsing by directory. Most of my movies are separated into sub directories with the movie title as directory folder name. The actual files are generically named so its hard to find actual video I’m after.

  49. eric says:

    I have sherched since a long time for a system that can control my old Player NOXON 2.
    I try many applications, but doesn’t find my Renderer NOXON 2 on the network.
    This one, is very easy to use and I can control my NOXON 2 to play a directory from my uPNP NAS server.
    The only improvement could be control of my NOXON 2 like volume control
    Good development !


    • bebopfreak says:

      Volume is usually controlled by the volume keys. But I don’t know, if all android devices have volume keys and if and how volume control is implemented by NOXON 2 (as volume control is optional).

  50. steffen_b says:

    Just tried your app.

    What i like:
    1.) this page for easy feedback ^^
    2.) works with mediatomb as server and Onkyo TX NR 1007 AVR for playback (the first one which really works (sort of …) !! Tried AndroMote and EML before)

    What i miss:
    1.) support for flac (no not to play it on the android, my AVR can play it, your app says its unsupported)
    2.) filter out certain files (jpegs) or use them to display on the phone (not sure if its worth …)

    Is it UPnP which sucks, or is it the media renderer ?

    • bebopfreak says:

      1) flac is handled the same way as any other codec: the media server provides the mime type(s) of the media item, the media renderer provides a list of mime types, it can handle and the controller does the matching. So if the server (mediatomb) assigns ‘audio/x-flac’ to the file and the renderer understands only ‘audio/flac’, there is no match and mediatomb should be configured differently. In order to know, what’s really happening in your case I would need a log file.
      2) mediatomb should suppress album art jpegs in album folders and serve them as album art. They only handle embedded album art – I don’t know why.

      And yes, lots of UPnP implementations suck!

      • martin says:

        Hi, I have the same problem as steffen_b, but I did not understand your answer. Can you explain it in more details.
        Problem: Upnplay does not show or don’t even let me select .flac files. Use Twonkyservers and the renderer only is working like a charm. So that means that the assignments are correct on server and renderer side. What do I have to check in the log file to see if Upnplay has no problems with flac?

      • bebopfreak says:

        Usually UPnPlay doesn’t have problems with flac…
        For generating and sending a log file look at the UPnPlay page.

  51. Wobblyhead says:

    Promising app, but i’m having some problems! Finds my QNAP / TwonkyServer no problem, and shows all the media, but when i want to play anything, it shows a message saying ‘Unsupported format(s): audio/x-ms-wma’. All music is held on the server as WMA. All photos as JPEG. Running on HTC Wildfire running latest Andriod. what am i doing wrong!

    • bebopfreak says:

      Nothing (see also discussions above)
      – UPnPlay is basically a controller, it doesn’t add any codecs
      – wma isn’t a codec natively supported by Android (Supported Formats)
      – even if your phone says it’s supporting wma, that doesn’t mean STREAMING wma will work (my HTC Desire plays wma files, but streaming doesn’t work)
      – if you don’t believe it, enter
      in Settings-> Experimental->protocolInfo
      this should inhibit the error message. My Desire will then stream wma files for around 2 minutes.
      – solution: skip microsoft codecs or use a transcoding media server

  52. Lloyd Abrahams says:

    Thanks for Upnplay. Works great but I do have a slight problem. When I try to watch Hulu or Netflix from my PlayOn media server, it only plays 5 seconds of the stream. What’s interesting is that it will play all of it if I keep the time bar form moving with my finger. Am I doing something wrong?

    • bebopfreak says:

      Well, I don’t have PlayOn, Hulu or Netflix and UPnPlay doesn’t have a video player – it delegates the task to some installed video player.
      So I certainly can’t know, what’s going on. But generally speaking, you might install additional video players like RockPlayer or VPlayer, fiddle
      around with their settings (i.e. buffer size) and find out, what works best.

      • Mat says:

        I’m experiencing the same behavior with UPnPlay and PlayOn. I’ve tried VPlayer and RockPlayer on two seperate Android devices and it’s always a five second video clip. I have played around with various settings in both players and none really affect playback length.

        I know that PlayOn has a 14 day free trial.

      • bebopfreak says:

        UPnPlay is basically a controller: it hands over the stream address to some other app (RockPlayer, VPlayer, …) and that’s it. You should ask RockPlayer people why they cannot handle PlayOn streams. As I don’t have PlayOn here, I cannot even test.

    • Steven says:

      It is working for me on my android 2.2 G2 phone (playon along with this software).

  53. stef says:

    Hi, thx for your app : it rocks!!
    I have just one problem, when I choose a movie to play I have the choice between VPLAYER and YXPLAYER but not ROCKPLAYER (all the thrre apps are installed on my device)do you know why? there is an option to check to have the choice to use ROCKPLAYER to watch a video from UPNPLAY? THX

    • bebopfreak says:

      You might read the ‘help’ file for an explanation. And you could try relaxing the matching by unchecking
      Settings… -> Experimental -> Filter Viewers

  54. Patrick says:

    Hi just third this application first it’s great for music and done video files but was wondering if mp4 support could be added sincere I’m on an advent Vega tablet and out supports Hd but only in that file format natively.

    Thanks for developing this application.

  55. Steve says:

    The best uPNP player I’ve found so far. Running it on a HD2 running Gingerbread (yes the HD2 is a winmo phone, but not anymore). Its streaming fine from my Linkstation (
    LS-CHL F/W 1.01).

  56. Michael says:

    The best UPnP/DLNA Software around. I use it with a PS3 MediaServer 1.20.412 under Debian Linux 5 on a HTC Legend (Android 2.2) and it works great.

    A minor issue is that I have several cover images in my MP3 library (for different players). The UPnPlay player does not skip any image file, e.g. folder.jpg, when playing music, instead it shows a dialog to select an image application. That is a bit disturbing as the music playback stops until you skip the dialog.

    Are there any plans to host the source-code somewhere, for example SourceForge or Google Code? I would be interested in the code as I would like to control my Sony Bravia LCD Renderer with the player.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Usually media servers have different branches for audio, images and video so that folders of type ‘object.container.album.musicAlbum’ contain only music tracks. So I don’t know if this should be seen as a problem with the player or the server. I’m hesitant to modify server results – filtering, sorting etc. In general I wished there would be a finer grained way to tell media servers what to ignore: instead of a generic ‘.nomedia’ file I would also like to have ‘.noimage’, ‘.noaudio’, ‘.novideo’ files. You can always delete image items from the current playlist.

      What’s the problem with Sony Bravia? I can stream videos to my Philips TV, though it’s not very reliable – I don’t know, if the problems are DLNA specific, as I don’t have the DLNA spedification (500$).

  57. mt says:

    Should be easier to switch between players, i.e. between the Android player and the local pc/media server. Other than that, great app. Works easily

  58. Anthony says:

    I think this is a great app but I can only access my Win7 “Public” folders. I really dont store my media in these folders and everytime I want to watch a video I have to copy it into this folder which is a pain. How the heck can I simply access my shared drives on my network? I can do this w/ my username and password with ES File Explorer.


    • bebopfreak says:

      It’s UPnP, so it works via a UPnP media server, not via shared drives. You must tell your UPnP server (WMP 12, Asset, TVersity, or whatever you use) which folders it should scan and change permissions if necessary.

  59. Steven says:

    Your app does work for me on my [new modern] phone but not on my [cheap knockoff] android pad.

    I don’t think the problem on my android pad is with your software but since you know more about androids and video I thought I would ask if you have any suggestions.

    I get the ‘can’t play this video’ error on the pad regardless of the type of video player (I tried everything… like 8 players… vplayer, rockplayer, et cetera).

    Any ideas? Does the pad need some kind of background android update / codec? From what I can make out, my server is trying to send it as an mpeg. Anyway, not many people have a deep understanding of how android handle video. Was hoping you might have an idea.

    Thanks and your player works great on my G2 phone.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can help you. What I have found out, is that Android devices behave rather diversely. So it could be anything from missing codecs (most players try to use firmware codecs) to underpowered processors.

      • steven says:

        Even that helps and I think your on the right track/s.

        Seems my device has hardware support for mp4 and this is all they included software support for. While testing I got around to trying some untranscoded MP4s through tvserity (with your software to talk to tvserity) and it works on the android pad… downside; it is all that works on the pad.

  60. Daniel says:

    Awesome app. Working great with foobar2000 upnp server and renderer and an SE X10 mini pro. Thank you very much.

  61. Jackadit says:

    Great upnp player, the best for me, and I tried a lot !
    Very good with my pad, folio 100 and twonky server.
    one feature to add with audio files, if there’s no picture to show, you could get some in Ggl pictures search and show them in the left zone.
    Good job, thank you for that !

  62. Steven says:

    Nswplayer does not show up as an option for a player. If there is anything you could do I would appreciate it. It and an arm 6 specific version of rockplayer are all that work on my cheap android pad… and rockplayer doesn’t work with my media server (on any of my android devices).

  63. Janne says:

    When I updated to v0.0.25, UPnPlay only shows a black screen with the last played song on top when the player screen is shown. The playlist and the browser looks alright, though.
    Before I updated the only problem I had was a message popping up from time to time saying “Status 408: Request timed out”. I’m using Asset v3.0 and a Linn Akurate DS together with a Samsung Galaxy S. What could be wrong?

  64. Turbo says:

    I have tested UPNPlay. I’m looking for an App which makes my Samsung I900 able to act as a kind of network walkman connected to my Twonky Server. UPNPlay seems to meet exactly the expectations.
    One thing I have found. While listening an mp3 stream from Twonky Fast Forward or Rewind is not possible. If I move the slider just the new position is set (time) but the stream doesn’t change. It plays without a break or move in time. Twonky cannot be the reason because (as reference) on my WiMo6.5 Player on iPaq it works.
    However, thanks for developing this fine player. I leave it installed and update active.
    What I not have tested but almost miss on other UPNP players – it seems that no player is able to keep the WLAN on and Release the WLAN Hook after ending playlist or predefined Sleep timer.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Might also be your phone firmware. Seeking works with other phones.
      When the sleep timer fires, the app quits and releases all locks.

      • Turbo says:

        Thanks for your fast reply

        It’s strange 😦 I have 2.2 Froyo.YYJPO on Samsung GT-I9000 without any rooting or other mods. The original MP3 Player works fine with seek on local files. Just tested Twonky mobile – it’s the same – seek not possible.
        I’m new on Android – is it possible to install other players and assign it with the upnplayer? Yesterday I have installed ‘Rockplayer’. Since I have it installed upnplay opens videofiles with this player (before play videos wasn’t possible) With Rockplayer called from upnplay I’m able to navigate force and back within video file. Just with mp3 it doesn’t work

      • Turbo says:

        Just to add – if I use an Windows Mediaplayer (Win7) as target device seek works as expected. So it seems indead an issue of Firmware / internal player. Maybe somebody else see the same beheavior on Samsung Galaxy with 2.2 and have a workaround. I couldn’t find anything after a whole day googleing

      • Turbo says:

        Another add:
        It becomes more weird – the preinstalled ‘AllShare’ is able to seek. All other tested UPNP clients from marked are not able to seek. What AllShare does different? This should be the key to solve the issue.
        All other tested UPNP clients (AllShare included) are not able to start Rocketplayer and give an errormessage ‘unsupported format’ on all videofiles in the network instead.
        This is a big advantage of UPNPlay which works great together with Rocketplayer.

      • bebopfreak says:

        Without the phone at hand it’s hard to tell what’s going on. The emulator usually doesn’t show the specific peculiarities and bugs of manufacturer firmware – and there are bugs. Usually streaming isn’t as well supported as playing local files.

  65. Bodo says:


    I read above the discussions regarding WAN mode, an option to enter the device address manually and faking SSDP packets.
    I’m currently in the situation where UPnP discovery doesn’t work at all as my LAN and WLAN are on different subnets and the WLAN router fails to route multicast traffic.
    Clients on the LAN can access the media server without any problems, clients on the WLAN can’t even see it.
    Obviously, I can’t use the WAN option as I don’t have the server in my list to begin with. I also understand the point of support nightmares when the user can add the device URL manually.
    Is there a solution to my problem? Is there some kinf of tool to create fake SSDP packets?

    Thanks a lot.

  66. Mike says:

    UPnPlay is just the app I’m looking for, unfortunately when playing MP3 playlist the app plays one – and only one – track then just stops. Supervised play is on, but it refuses to play the next track.

    The screen will display the artwork and track name that it thinks it should be playing but the notification bar reports that it’s still playing the first track. I’m connecting to PS3 Media Server which other users have reported working fine.

    Any clues?

  67. upnpuser says:

    Hi. Thx for this app. In the about section of the app you mention, that it expires in a few months. What do you mean? Will this app stay free?

  68. latenitetech says:

    I love this app! (Droid X, Serviio server). I’ve been able to play almost all my video files, but have yet to find a compatible image viewer. Can you recommend one? Specifically I’d like to be able to do a smooth slide show of folders of images from my media server. The DLNA client that came with the Droid X does display images from my Serviio server, but it displays “Please wait, loading” between images (which can be several seconds for large images). I’m hoping the “Nearly Gapless Play” option of UPnPlay will prefetch the next image and allow for a smooth, uninterrupted slide show. Any suggestions here? Thanks!

    • bebopfreak says:

      So far image viewing is extremely rudimentary, no caching or prefetching on local storage – a good streaming image viewer with a broad interface would help a lot!

  69. Martin says:

    I am trying to run the application on a Samsumg Galaxy Tab, connecting to a Phillips WACS700. Unfortunately I don’t see any server…Does anyone have experience using this combination?

  70. Jens says:

    Thanks, I am using UPnPlay on an Archos 70 IT and on the Samsung Galaxy S Phone. Media is stored on a HD attached to a AVM FritzBox3270.
    Actually this is the first out of many players I tried that works with these combinations. I am a bit frustrated in general of how inmature other UPNP solutions are and ‘simple’ things often not work as promised by the industry.
    But I desperately miss a search function since the music collection has become quite huge. Did I miss this function or is it simply not (yet) available?
    Regards Jens

    • bebopfreak says:

      ‘Search’ is an optional feature for Media Servers. UPnPlay asks for the search capabilities of the server. If there are none, no search functions are offered.
      You can create a log file (see above) and check for the action ‘GetSearchCapabilities’. If the result is the empty string, then there are none (you can send me the file), otherwise there might be some bugs in UPnPlay.

  71. johnsonook says:

    Great app, have not found anything close to this.I have added new media to my server but it does not show up when I try to access Upnplay. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no go. Am I missing something?

    • bebopfreak says:

      I understand that your newly added media doesn’t show up. You might want to trigger a rescan with your media server. Depending on your media server you might get a web interface, when you long press on the media server item and select ‘Presentation’.

  72. Devedue says:

    I have installed rockplayer already but its the old version. I will not like to update as the newer version takes a lot of memory. How can I play remote videos via rockplayer? I am using Acer Liquid.

  73. Sorna says:

    I’ve been using UPN Play for sometime with no problems. I was not using it for sometime and now when I started using it I realized that the it stops shortly after the screen is switched off. I have the feeling that the android memory manager cleans it up. When I switch the phone on, I still see the play icon in the notification bar, and when I select it, I get the message UPNPLay starting, and the playlist gets reset.

    I’ve been updating the UPNPlay regularly, and now I am using the Darky’s custom rom 9.3 (my phone is Galaxy S). I am not sure if the troubles were introduced by the UPNPlay updates, or the rom. Is there anything I can do resolve this issue?


    • bebopfreak says:

      I didn’t notice any different behaviour on my HTC phone. But when I use my Archos 101 and do some Web surfing, UPnPlay gets killed rather often – as the device hasn’t much ram.
      My guess is that it’s the rom, may be it’s using some different task killer. Currently I don’t know, how to make the app more sticky.

  74. johngalt says:

    Works great on my Droid 2, only UPNP player that I’ve found that can play videos.

    Installed on my Motorola Xoom. When I launch UPnPlay I get a message “Cannot Start Application” with a Quit button. However I can see it enumerate, correctly, my local networks UPNP servers.

    If I turn my WIFI off UPnPlay will launch without errors. If I then enable WIFI UPnPlay won’t do anything.

    You’ve no idea how I and many others need a viable UPnp product for this platform. Hope development advances.



    Oh how I wish this would work.

    • bebopfreak says:

      You could try yesterdays snapshot (silanoid.110306.apk) – should work. See above, where to find it. A release will be following soon.
      Update: the current market version should work.

      • johngalt says:


        I tried UPnPlay 0.0.27 and get the same results.

        Thanks again for trying.

      • johngalt says:

        I just realized version number may not have changed. I did install the 110306 apk though.

  75. johngalt says:

    Bebobfreak worked worked with me and he got UPnPlay working very well on my Motorola Xoom.

    You can bet if and when a for sale version shows up I will buy it.


  76. Gaff says:

    Having a bit of trouble with the new WAN functionality.

    I cloned my media server, entered my hostname for it (set up with a dynamic IP service) and forwarded port 5001 in my router to the machine hosting the server.

    Upon launching UPnPlay I see my cloned entry with the correct settings. If I try to connect to it it says “connecting” but nothing happens. If I click it a second time a few seconds later, this time a second identical entry appears under the server selection, but with a folder icon. If I try to connect to that new entry, I receive the error “Status 401: Invalid action”. If I try to connect to the original entry again I receive the error that my media server is already available.

    Do you have any ideas, please?

    Media server is PS3 Media Server running on Windows 7 x64. Phone is a Samsung Intercept running Android 2.1.

  77. Kelsie Flynn says:

    Working with my Music. All mine were Flac on my myth box, but I just copied over a few *.m4a files and it’s working now with your http-get=*.*.* string

    Server/Upnp: Centos 5 with mythtv .24 from Axel’s ATRPMS

    Nothing negative to report so far.
    Thank you!

  78. Johan says:

    The app seems very compatible. Runs smoothly with all UPNP-devices in my home network. Except for one thing. When running a playlist, at the end of each song I have to either shake the phone or press search to resume playback. Tried Andromote as well, at it continues playing all songs. UPNPlay is superior in other aspects though.

    Any comments?

    Best regards

  79. Nick says:

    Great app, using on Desire HD and Windows 7 on wifi network, sharing my video folder. All my videos appear in UPnPlay except for mkv files. They are just not visible. Wondering why.
    Any help is appreciated.

    • bebopfreak says:

      It’s a UPnP Media Server problem. The UPnP Server must recognize mkv files as video files. As far as I know, WMP 12 doesn’t do that. It might help, if you download adequate codecs or alternatively use another UPnP Server like TVersity.

  80. Anthony says:

    No Audio on some .avi videos.

    I have found a pattern, the player is only playing the audio tracks that are 2ch, some of the videos I have are a 6ch audio track. I am seeing the settings via the app, the video will play but with no audio. Is there a fix for this?

  81. remichi says:

    I’m very excited about Upnplay for Android! I have a home network with wifi and a external network hard drive (Freecom Network Drive XS) connected to the router. I’d like to stream media from the hard drive to my Android phone, without my laptop having to be on.

    Upnplay lists the hard drive in the server list, but when selected gives “Status 408: Request Timeout”.

    I can connect with the hard drive by phone using AndFTP but it doesn’t stream. So really would like get Upnplay to work… Any help would be welcome. What to fill in at the WAN form is also not comletely clear to me.

    • bebopfreak says:

      If anybody else has difficulties with a Freecom Network Drive XS and could supply wireshark or tcpdump protocols, it would be very helpful for debugging.

    • DrAzzy says:

      I’m having the exact same problem accessing music on my ineo Poseidon (version number? Can’t find it anywhere!), trying to play music on my Acer Iconia A500.
      I can see the drive, but the instant i try to connect to it, i get “Status 408: Request Timeout”. Instantly – no time for anything to have timed out!

      • DrAzzy says:

        I was able to resolve this issue by removing a large number of music files from the root of the music share. It had >3k files in the root (from the old days, when we downloaded individual tracks, and dumped them all into one folder… I wasn’t the only one, right?), in addition to some properly organized folders. Since the error came up _instantly_, whereas after moving the files so it worked, it took a few seconds to load, I’m guessing the problem was on the NAS side (choking while trying to prepare the list of songs), not UPnPlayer choking on the list.

  82. Fabian Gonzalez says:

    Dude, this thing was working great with vplayer beta until yesterday. Today, I had to reinstall software on my phone and vplayer free is gone from the market! Long story short, I am now using vplayer advanced (not from market). A solid app playing videos locally. However, through upnplay I am getting a “unsupported format: video/ms-video” error for films that play fine locally. Is there a way to assign preferred players in upnplay? Is something wrong with my install? What gives.

    • bebopfreak says:

      – currently there is no way to assign a preferred player
      – the only possibility: uncheck Settings > Experimental > Filter Viewers
      – if a file can be played by an app locally, one cannot conclude that this file can also be streamed – there are lots of counterexamples

  83. jb says:

    I have a similar problem to Fabian. I’m suddenly getting lots of on “Unsupported Format: ” errors. For me, it doesn’t list a format. The full error message is just “Unsupported Format:”. I’m almost certain some of these files were playing okay previously. I use Rockplayer lite which has recently been updated. Perhaps that has something to do with it. I’ve reinstalled UPnPlay and Rockplayer lite, but it still gives the error.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I haven’t changed anything relating to the interface to other apps (like Rockplayer).
      Formats are supplied by the media server – this could also be a source of problems.

  84. Lindsay says:

    Media selection is confusing but it works on a Honeycomb Asus Transformer. We just need VLC to come along with MKV optimisation and multiple codecs!

  85. Daniel says:

    I’ve tried a couple of servers XBMC and gmediaserver and when I connect (which works really well) XBMC give me no content and gmediaserver shows no video content and only MP3 audio.

    How do I set up a third party video player to work with upnplay? Do I need to do this before video will be visible?
    Can I set up a third party audio player so I can play OGG and other formats?

    • bebopfreak says:

      When setting up media servers, it’s usually a good idea to look at manuals and wikis. gmediaserver doesn’t support videos and with XBMC you have to add sources to the library and not forget to SCAN them (right click)!
      Third party video players don’t need a special set up and video visibility (not playing!) is independent of installed video players.
      Currently there is no way to use third party audio players.

      • Daniel says:

        Yeah I spent all day scanning manuals and still missed the key points. It hadn’t occurred to me that XBMC’s library was built separately from adding media sources. I have both video and audio working perfectly now, thanks so much for your fast and accurate help.
        Playback of ogg vorbis works with streaming media so lack of support for local content isn’t really an issue as I have local players which can do that anyway.
        And video playback does give me a choice of players and also works perfectly so far.
        Fantastic work, loving it.

  86. Heiko says:

    Your App is working fantastic on my LG GT540 (Android 2.1) with Twonkey MediaServer on my Windows 7 Workstation.

    Maybe here is one thing to improve:

    When browsing through my collection by folder, the titles are sorted by trackname (from ID3 tags). I think it is better to sort by filename or titlenumber. When going to the same “folder” using Interpret/Album everything is sorted correct.

    Everything else (concerning music) is working very well.

    Thank you for this nice work.

    • bebopfreak says:

      As UPnPlay takes the order it gets from the media server and I don’t intend to do any reordering, you should contact Twonky.

      • Heiko says:

        Hmm. The product 2Player gives me the correct order of the titles with the same Twonkey MediaServer, so I thought it is a matter of the UPNP Client. I don’t think that Twonkey gives other results to other clients. For the PS3 also shows the wrong order, I think you are right. But maybe you can resort the list (like 2Player seems to do) to show the correct order of titles? It might be a seperate button or option for resorting the list, so other people using the current results won’t get irritated. But don’t bother too much, for other ways to get the same list in correct order are already working as wanted, this is just a low priority request.

      • bebopfreak says:

        It’s possible to add sort criteria when setting up a request. But I haven’t found any concerning ‘filename’. May be it’s a different order: lexically sorting along tracknumber and trackname like with albums?

      • Heiko says:

        If there is no filename reported by the media server, sorting by track number (instead of track title) like in albums is what I’m looking for.

  87. Yury says:

    I bought Android TV box. It is basically a stationary device, which largely has to work through the LAN, than via WiFi. Your program is somehow working, but it is also intended for WiFi. Can we do add to your program so that it works, and through LAN??

  88. tomme12 says:

    So I’m using wdlive box to stream movies from my wd has drive. Works great. I rip dvds and copy them to my drive. I rip them with dvdfab and it places them in two folders audio and video with “TS” number formats. I’m not sure the trick is here, but it works great on my xoom until it has to go to the next TS file. I tried the playlist feature, no luck. Do I need to rip to a different format? It all played in rocket player lite when I had a movie with one TS file…output to my hmdi port to my TV perfectly.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I don’t know, if I understand the problem. But to play the next video file you have to explicitly press the ‘next’ button? If you mean one movie is split into several ‘TS’ files, it is certainly better to concat them into one ‘mpg’ file.

    • NickHark says:

      This is an old post, but this may help others who stumble on it; make the ripped video folders into an ISO file which is readily playable by WDLive. ImgBurn works great for this purpose.
      BTW, UPnPlay is working great on my Galaxy S3.

  89. tomme12 says:

    in UPNPlay, I select my WD drive (its running Twonky in the background). Go to the folder/movie say “Toy Story”. In Toy Story, there is an Audio_TS folder and Video_TS folder. If I select Video_TS, it will have then have VTS_0, etc. In VLC player on my pc, it works fine. on my WD Live media player, it plays fine. With your app, it opens up Rocket to play the file, but Rocket does not understand to got to the next VTS file I think. Audio and video look perfect…..

    Is there another type of video player I should try and use?

    • bebopfreak says:

      I don’t think it will work with any player via UPnP, because the player won’t have access to the file system structure. You should convert it to one ‘mpg’ file.

      • Tomme12 says:

        I copied the entire folder structure to the Xoom (pretty quick copy!) and tried to play with a bunch of different players from the market… no luck. Which stinks because my video library are all VOBs from dvdfab

  90. reldas says:

    i love this app on my xoom, but when i go to browse my movies folder , all the files dont show up. eg – it knows i have 550 movies butit only shows like 50 of them, so i increase the browser page size to 550 and now it doesnt find anything, i cant figure out why. but when i change it back to 100 ( default) it works fine and shows me that 100 . the max number i can put it to and still see the movies it 175.

    any ideas??

  91. herny66 says:

    hi,but the last version 0.0.30,you can post it…thanks in advance

  92. letramorta says:

    Congratulations for the great job! The only thing that is annoying me is the player stops after every video played and i have to manualy start the next video in playlist. I’ve modified some settings in the client and server (ps3 media server) with no success. Is there some setting to do this?

  93. mydave says:

    Hi, we had UPnPlay worked perfectly to stream video from our HP MediaSmart Server to our Viewsonic gTablet. Few days ago, we tested another custom Rom; did not like it, and returned to a previous rom (but a newer release).

    After the rom upgraded and all was well, we downloaded and install UPnPlay. When we ran it, it automatically scan our network, found the Server, let us browse the contents, select media file and select a player to play the file. Then error message ‘can’t open the file. . .’ and or ‘access denied’.

    We are stumbled ! I f we can browse the folders, meaning we have access. We could not find a way to go back and try to log in the server with admin access.

    Please explain. Thanks.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I’m stumbled as well, as UPnPlay hasn’t changed.
      The UPnP protocol usually doesn’t need any login or passwords – only some media servers (i.e. Microsoft) have an additional layer, where you can allow or deny access to UPnP devices. So if the new rom somehow changed the ID of your device …

      • mydave says:

        It was user error on my part.
        I installed and select Rockplayer-arm7-neon.apk which is not compatible to Viewsonic gtablet, The viewsonic uses tegra2 cpu. As soon as I switched to Rockplayer Universal. All was well.
        I wonder if you would allow some xda developers to incorporate your free version to their custom roms or kernels ?

  94. Peter says:

    Will you be developing more play options, ie play all songs, play all songs of one artist/genre etc. Sorry if already answered.

    • bebopfreak says:

      It depends fully on the media server what containers are displayed. As there isn’t paging implemented for local media, all songs might be dangerous for memory.

  95. grolschie says:

    Hello. Has anyone got this to work with PS3 Media Server? Phone is SonyEricsson Xperia X8 (Android 2.1) and it cannot even see the server. Actually none of the uPNP apps I tried could see it, whereas our blu-ray player can. Any tips greatly received. Also, where does one find the help file please? Thanks in advance.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Maybe there is a problem with your network topology – controller and devices must be on the same subnet, no router in between.
      For help you might try to push the menu button – but it won’t help you with your problem.

  96. Ravi says:


    I have downloaded upnplay into one phone and it works well. I wanted to load it on another HTC phone that does not have market installed on it. I am unable to do so because there is no apk available separately from market. Can you send it to me?

  97. Arion says:

    Dear Bebofreak,

    Is UPnPlay UPnP-certified? Or ready for UPnP-certified?


  98. Stu-e says:

    Android market will not permit me to install UPnPlay on my Eken M009S tablet.
    This has Android 2.2 and a 800×480 display.
    The market application simply cannot find UPnPlay and if I try to install from the Market website I am told:
    “This item is not compatible with your device”
    Please tell me how is this not compatible?

    • Stu-e says:

      Using Astro I managed to install silanoid.v0.0.29.apk from the link in your blog.
      Works a treat. I still don’t know what the issue with compatibility is.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I’m not aware of any explicit restrictions. It should work for Android >= 1.6 and any screen size. There might be implicit restrictions arising from permissions (multicast, sdcard …).

  99. Antony says:

    Nice app! I just discovered today that I can control my Onkyo TX-NR708 render with UPnPlay and it works nicely, but the volume control on my Google Nexus 1 does strange things. It causes a change in volume, but not always in the right direction and jumps all over the place. On screen, it shows

    Status 500: Internal Server Error
    Error 402: Ivalid arguments

    Any ideas?

  100. Stu-e says:

    I’m transcoding flac files to wav format using flac under linux and UPnPlay is telling the format is unsupported.
    “Unsupported format(s): audio/l16;rate=44100;channels=2”
    What is wrong here?

    • bebopfreak says:

      l16 isn’t quite wav. You can switch off format checking (help), but l16 might be too ‘raw’ to be recognized by the player as valid audio format.

      • Stu-e says:

        My apologies, this is a problem with my Mediatomb server. I can’t seem to get Mediatomb to transcode flac to wav. Has anyone else managed to get it to work?

  101. rsspnet says:

    i got a motorola xoom wifi. my movies are on a windows 7 pc. I’ve downloaded and installed upnplay and rockplay. I have ps3 media server running on my windows 7 pc. When i click on upnplay in my xoom, nothing happens. Do i need to set up anything or does upnplay automatically scans for my pc/ps3 media server? please help, i want to stream my pc videos to my motorola xoom.

    • bebopfreak says:

      UPnPlay scans for UPnP devices when launched, menu -> devices starts a rescan.
      Make sure xoom and your server are on the same network – no routing in between. And look at your PC firewall, which might inhibit communication.

    • grolschie says:

      Same problem. PS3 Media Server on Windows XP though. No firewall issues that I am aware of. PC and phone all on same subnet. UPnPlayer just doesn’t see it.

      • bebopfreak says:

        I installed PS3 Media Server (1.21.1) today on my Windows 7 PC, it was detected immediately by UPnPlay and I could play some songs.
        Did you try any other Media Servers (Asset, TVersity, …)?

      • grolschie says:

        Thanks for doing that. I should try again with the latest release. I already use PS3 Media Server because it has certain features that I use (e.g. internet tv and radio streaming via plugins).

  102. Stu-e says:

    UPnPlay will not install on my M009S tablet due to an “incompatibility”.
    The Market shows UPnPlay has access to “view network state”.
    I suspect this might be what is causing the incompatibility with my tablet because it has no mobile phone network capability.
    Is this requirement really necessary for this application?

    • bebopfreak says:

      I have to make sure that the device is connected via WiFi and not via mobile – UPnP devices aren’t detected via mobile connections.

  103. netmo says:

    Live tour App!! ….but could you pleaaaase add a ‘sort by date’function? Wouldq be great for tv recordings.

  104. ma10 says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this for ages… many thanks!!

  105. Stu-e says:

    I managed to get my Mediatomb to transcode flac to wav and confirmed it was working ok with Windows Media Player.
    However using UPnPlay it fails to play anything, without any error or warning. When I play a track it confirms it is 44100Hz wav and then skips to the next track and the next and so on.
    Any suggestions to what is wrong here?

    • bebopfreak says:

      The android player is rather impatient in general and skips playing, if it has to wait too long (slow transcoding). Make sure ‘Nearly Gapless Play’ is turned off – two transcoding processes in parallel don’t improve the situation.

      • Stu-e says:

        Nearly gapless off did not help.
        I have sent you a log through the sendlog feature. I hope you receive it ok.

      • bebopfreak says:

        In order to improve response time of the transcoding process you might need to decrease buffer sizes. For large buffer sizes it might take too long to fill them. When using sendlog you need to install the app Sendlog from the market first.

  106. Dave Traeger says:

    Hello, my UPnPlay is not picking up any servers at all. I am running it on Xoom, the servers work fine tested it with other devices. Currently using PS3 Media server atm but have tried many others with the exact same result. Is there something I am missing here? I feel its a really simple error on my end, any help you can give would be amazing.

  107. Stu-e says:

    I reduced the transcode buffer down to 16bytes and still no joy.
    Is it possible that there is some other delay in starting transcoding causing this problem?
    Can I configure UPnPlay to use a more patient audio player than the android player you refer to above?
    Might I suggest a local buffer that once filled you then start the android player and thus provide audio data immediately.

  108. Feng says:

    I really get interested into the app, do you have any plan to open source?

  109. Steve says:

    This is the best UPNP controller I’ve yet found for Android – the one thing it seems to lack is authorization when using a WAN.

    Has anyone managed to get it working with foo_upnp? I have all the TCP stuff working fine, but can only ever get “WAN Authorization failed”.

    Apparently foo_upnp should accept 2 formats:
    a) http://user:pwd@host:port/… (generating standard HTTP Authorization headers)
    b) http://host:port/userpwd/… (non-standard inclusion in URL)

    Only (a) seems to work using the stock Android browser, but I can’t see any way to configure this in UPNPlay.

    Am running on a Galaxy S, btw.

  110. slajgaj says:


    I work with Upnplayer, that’s great application. How to search in “Albums” , and etc… and how to search track?
    Best Regards:

    • bebopfreak says:

      If your UPnP media server supports search (which is optional) you’ll get ‘Search’ item, when opening the server in the browser screen. If everything works find you will be able to search for titles, artists and albums.

  111. Cecil Coupe says:

    I installed your upnplayer (and ArcMedia for video playback) on my Nook Color running Android 2.3.3 and it works much better than I expected considering the Nook hardware. Nice work!

    One dlna server is Coherence running on a linux box (multiple dlna content servers actually) and another server is a Buffalo Linkstation NAS, both work with upnplayer.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  112. slajgaj says:


    Okay I tried the search….
    The album, track, composer nothing found, only ‘Anythink’ metod found
    I use the Olive 04 HD for renderer…

    Next problem:
    In the playlist only the one track playing and after stopped the streaming
    What i do wrong?

    • bebopfreak says:

      The server is asked if it can search and what it can search, if only ‘Anything’ shows up and nothing else there isn’t much it can search.

      Usually the connection is bad, the phone falls asleep or the UPnP implementation of the renderer isn’t very good (firmware upgrade?) and it doesn’t signal the end of a track. Without a log file I cannot say much.

  113. Shaggy says:


    My old omnia i900 was able to view and stream movies and music from my shared folders on my xp machine over wifi using Resco and Core media player on the device.

    I acquired a Samsung Ace S5830 from o2, OS is Android Froyo and I want to do the same as above.

    I have upnplay installed on my device but Im a total noob.

    What next?

    I have trawled the net and spent hours trying to do this.

    What settings do I need for the WAN setup is there a full guide somewhere?
    What is NAME, IP (is it shared machine?) Description and UDN
    What needs to go into these fields?
    Do i need to install something more on my shared xp machine?

    Sorry for being a noob.

    Any help would be greatly apprciated
    Thanks in advance

  114. ivan rajower says:

    it is the first app that works on my desire hd. i play movies from my home server. please continue to improve maibe with better player and more codecs.

  115. roffer says:


    For a 2 days I have tried this app on my HTC Wildfire. I use Asset UPnP Server
    and I only stream music. I am VERY satisfied with the app.

    There are however a scenario that needs to be corrected:
    If I add items to the playlist while playing, the added items are not played
    in the order they are added, but in alphabetical order. For this to happen,
    some of the added items are skipped and not played.

    Also I miss a way to stop playing the last item in the playlist.

  116. bob says:

    Great app, still no idea how to play stream video with subtitles? Thanks

  117. Peter in Melbourne says:

    I’ve only just installed this even though I’d paid for another UPnP app, and it’s so many streets ahead I just wanted to say a huge “thanks” to the developer. Is there a way to donate?

    My setup – $99 outright (!) Huawei U8150 IDEOS phone, Asset UPnP audio media server running under Windows 7, uPlayer as a renderer, Airfoil distributing to the rest of the house.

    In Asset there’s the ability to stream whatever is playing on the PC’s soundcard, so right now I’m listening to audio from Sony’s Qriocity Music Unlimited service. This means I don’t have to wander round the house with a Playstation Portable in my pocket, just the little phone.


    • bebopfreak says:

      You should be able to donate via PayPal from the phone or the web page upnplay.

      • Peter in Melbourne says:

        Finally managed to do it after a bit of a struggle with the Paypal site – my German isn’t what it used to be…
        Having done that – here’s a feature request which is probably impossible – like I mentioned, Asset UPnP can send the output of the PC soundcard over UPnP. I wonder whether it’s possible to do the same with Android? So that, for instance, if playing the phone’s FM radio or whatever, that could be routed out to an external renderer? I realise one can already play actual stored content from the phone, of course, but I’m wanting to go a stage further – probably a stage too far…

      • bebopfreak says:

        I guess one would need at least root to redirect the sound data.
        Pushing web radio would be easier – the only problem is licensing a radio directory.
        (If you know the address of a station, you can edit a playlist entry – though that’s tedious.)

  118. bob says:

    Great app, video stream is OK, but without subtitles. Any suggestion to resolve this problem? Thanks.

    • bob says:

      Great app, video stream is OK, but without subtitles. Any suggestion to resolve this problem? Thanks

      Oh,I am sorry to ask problem again. BOB

      • mydave says:

        . . . resolve the subtitle problem ?

        It has nothing to do with UPnPlay.
        The author stated: ‘UPnPlay is a simple UPnP media player and controller. The code is beta – it’s tested with only one phone (HTC Desire) and very few UPnP devices. Known limitations and bugs: video playing is delegated to third party apps (you might like to install RockPlayer, VPlayer …) image viewing is delegated to third party apps […]’

        Therefore, use any third party player app that supports it, or use something like ‘mkvmerge GUI’ or video converter to mux / hardcode the subtitle to media file.

      • bebopfreak says:

        The suggestion was to look for transcoding UPnP servers!

        For videos with subtitles you need TWO streams: the video stream and the subtitle stream. With files you can deduce the location of the subtitle file, with UPnP you don’t know the location of the subtitle file as the directory structure is lost. So with standard UPnP there is NO WAY! The only chance is merging the subtitles into the video by the UPnP server.

        Repeated queries won’t fix the basic problem! Contact the UPnP/DLNA standard commission!

  119. mydave says:

    Hello bebopfreak, hope that you would release the same for iPad.

  120. Mike says:


    Great App…at least until it stopped finding my upnp server. I’m running PS3MediaServer java app under Ubuntu. When I first installed UPNPlayer on my Acer iconia, it found the server and let me play audio. When i tried to play a video (avi) it never displayed. When I went back to browser, the server was gone and only “local media” and “playlists” were displayed. I power cycled the Acer, but didn’t help. Any suggestions?


    • bebopfreak says:

      Did you try uninstall / reinstall? Menu > Devices?
      Did you try another media server? Restart PS3MediaServer? Modify config files of PS3MediaServer?

  121. Didier says:

    Hello (and sorry for my poor english).

    Well I’ trying your app (thank you for sharing). But there is something wrong with “possible players”.
    I can see my UPNP server and browse files (video, photo, music….) but when I select (for example) a video file, UPNPlay propose me only 2 player: Native player which CAN’T read any avi files and the other is… my UPNP Server (???).
    Yet Mobo^plyaer nd vplayer are installed.
    Why doesn’t the app ask me for other players? Any suggestions or tests I could do?
    Best regards,

  122. Steve says:

    Hi BeBopFreak,

    Got an updated version and all seems well – can I make a couple of suggestions about the Download feature?
    1) Add an option to suppress the filename entry (the default has always been fine for me)
    2 Trigger media scanning once downloading has completed (I presume this is a general Android thing, not just a Samsung/Galaxy thing), so the downloaded files can be accessed locally.

    Hope these sound reasonable! Thanks again,

    • bebopfreak says:

      Downloading isn’t a substitute for some more serious synching method. Triggering should have worked for Android >= 2.2.
      You can test 1) and 2) in todays snapshot.

      • Steve says:

        Wow – fast work. And both work fine, thanks.
        I find downloading is useful when I’m away and want to grab an album or 2.
        The only other download feature I’d like would be an option to grab album art (into a folder.jpg would be ideal), but that’s just the cherry on top of an already tasty cake – and probably doesn’t fit well with UPNP.

  123. Manfred says:


    i am using uPnPlay for a while now. No problems while connecting to a Buffalo NAS. Often i even use it as MP3 player for the local files on sdcard.

    You should add the Donation link to this page. It is close to impossible to donate on PayPal with a 2.8, 3.2 or even 3.7 inch device 😉 Even with zoom its a pain to fill the whole form with data.

    If you give me the original pictures/icons, then i ll create an alternative set if you like. I guess you are able to read my email address…

    • bebopfreak says:

      Just unzip the apk or use tools like ‘apk edit’ to get the resource files (icons). Either download the apk or do a backup (via ES File Explorer or some other tool) – it’s not copy protected.

      • Manfred says:


        i am able to explore the app by using apk edit. But once i save a modified version the app wont work anymore. 😦 But thats not the problem.

        I saw that the buttons are no graphics, but a gradient render in java. Is it possible to change this to PNG graphics or change the java rendering ?

        Here is a concept to show what i am about..

      • bebopfreak says:

        Uninstall the original app first; buttons consist of icons and nine-patch file backgrounds.

  124. Martin says:

    hallo bebopfreak,

    ich versuch’s mal in deutsch, schon allein wegen des hübschen Hintergrundbildes vom Starnbergersee 😉

    Hab gestern UPnPlay auf meinem Iconia A500 installiert und bin zu 99% begeistert. Die App läuft sehr stabil, hat meinen Asset-Server direkt gefunden und streamt was das Zeug hält. Super!!!
    Was dem ganzen jetzt noch die Krone aufsetzen würde wäre, wenn die Albumcover angezeigt würden. Das klappt leider nicht. Statt dessen erscheint ein großes himmelblaues Bild in dem “No Cover” steht, bzw. in den Albumlisten werden lediglich die Namen, nicht jedoch die Cover angezeigt. Mach ich da noch etwas falsch? Müssen die Albumcover als Dateien in den Verzeichnissen liegen (ich hab sie in den mp3-tags gespeichert)?

    Über einen Tipp hierzu würde ich mich sehr freuen.

    Viele Grüße

  125. Grump says:

    I can’t get this working with ps3 media server 1.24.0. Running a nexus s w/ android 2.3.4. Selecting a video just says “cannot play this video.” ps3 media server recognizes my android device. I see the opening screen of the video. Are there default settings I need to change?

  126. kidam67 says:

    (sorry for my bad english)
    How can i use UPNPlay through VPN? It can’t see neither my network (without VPN all is OK!) nor my mapped drives.
    I use this app on my Asus EEE Pad Transformer. This tablet is rooted and use a Custom Rom (Prime! v1.4).
    I’ve mapped the 2 network drives from my NAS with Mount Manager. With my Android file browser I see the 2 folders ‘mapped’ so I thought I could use UPNPlay but… not.
    For this time, my drives was mapped in the internal SD (path: /mnt/sdcard/popcorn), so I’ve tried to move the mapped drive to the external SD (path for Asus Pad: /data/Removable/MicroSD). Same thing, UPNPlay can’t see my video files. Only those which are really on my Tablet. Even if I choose the “Local Drive” option of UPNPlay.

    Is there a special way to do?

    • bebopfreak says:

      UPnPlay is a UPnP controller/player and UPnP usually works only for local networks, i.e. it is based on multicast for device detection. VPN usually doesn’t support multicast, therefore UPnP devices won’t be detected via VPN. If you are lucky, you could define a WAN device (see help) to avoid the detection phase.
      UPnPlay doesn’t scan drives neither SDs nor anything mounted, it relies solely on the data that is provided by the Android system media scanner. So I guess the media scanner of your Custom Rom doesn’t scan network drives. (It’s not “Local Drive” it’s “Local Media” – remote drives aren’t local anyway.)

      • kidam67 says:

        First thank you very much for your fast reply.
        Then… thank you too, for all these explanations (and sorry for “Local Media”… I wasn’t on my Android system.
        So, ok i understand why it CAN’T work! Indeed.
        But if I understand what you mean, there could be a solution by enabling the WAN device?
        I wonder if I could find an application that transform my “transformer” to a DLNA/UPNP A/V Server?
        What do you think about that? So… I will use my tablet a player and a server in the same time!
        Thank you in advance for ANY help.
        Best regards.

      • bebopfreak says:

        I haven’t tried WAN via VPN, so I don’t know, if there are additional issues with IP addresses (NAT) or DNS – you have to be able to adress your server. Read the help file and start testing.
        For Android UPnP Servers use the market search function with keywords UPNP or DLNA!

  127. Steve says:


    Best android uPNP found so far. I running it on an Asus Transformer with 3.1 OS. My server is a Synology DS211j and my Media server is the latest XBMC windows software. It all works reasonably well with the exception of uPNP device discovery. Sometimes it takes UPnPlay 2 minuets to find the UPNP devices, sometimes 20 minutes. I’ve played around with the various parameters I can find but to no avail. Any suggestions?

    Is it possible to cache the addresses of devices? or have the option to set defaults for devices with fixed IP addresses? They are not going to change and to be able to switch on and immediately access the server and player would make this something I would gladly donate for.

  128. Great app, just works even with Twonky service! The only request: Maybe in the future a different user interface for Honeycomb tablets, making use of large screen. Could look similar to “MyNet” on ASUS eee Pad or PlayOn. Then I would even pay $$$ for this app (and I think others as well)! This would be perfect for tablets!

  129. bl0b says:

    For better compatibility of the Android renderer with external Control Points you should set a protocolInfo for it, that is returned in the Sink parameter of ConnectionManager::GetProtocolInfo () (and the related evented variable). For example you can use this as protocolInfo (for audio):


  130. bl0b says:

    Precision about the protocolInfo above: it exists but is incorrect.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Thanks, added some more (not so standard) mime types.

      • bl0b says:

        Make sure that they are playable by the android renderer. By default, the MediaPlayer engine is not able to stream anything other than MP3, AAC and eventually WAV (doesn’t work on some phones). A file that play locally doesn’t mean it would play when streamed by http. In fact, MediaPlayer is very limited an bugy in this regard.

      • bebopfreak says:

        There are all sorts of bugs with devices and Android versions – streaming, seeking, even different behaviour for subcodecs vbr vs. cbr – but I don’t know of any device database, where bugs are listed. … and by now I’m used to getting bad ratings for device deficiencies.

  131. Christoph Peus says:

    I’m still searching for a well designed app which makes internet radio streamed from my DLNA server (Synology) play on my renderer (wdlxtv). With upnplayer I always get the message “Unsupported formats: audio/l16, audio/wav” when I select a station. (It does work with 2player, but I don’t like that app because of its bloated gui.) Any chance to make that work with upnplayer? Thanks!

  132. Grant says:

    Just wanted to say you are doing a great job with this app. It may not be the prettiest option, but it is damn sure the most functional. All the other UPnP controllers on the market either flat out don’t work or don’t synch up properly after playing a few songs. The playlist functionality is icing on the cake. My only recommendation after my first use is to provide an option to require a confirmation dialog when overwriting the current playlist…the buttons are close enough that I accidentally hit the ‘Replace With’ option instead of the ‘Add To’ one, which is frustrating when you’re trying to build a large playlist. Maybe there is a way to create the playlist on a PC and upload it to the SD card on the phone??

    UPnP Server: MediaTomb running on Ubuntu Server
    UPnP Renderer: Western Digital Live TV Plus

  133. Pingback: Android + Mediatomb + UPnPlay = Music Anywhere

  134. Andy says:

    hi, the app is the best on the market for what he has to do 🙂

    … I have a problem: when i try streaming of large images (2000 * 3000) .. i left the default icon and not charging anything. It would also be convenient, in full screen mode, go to the next or previous browsing directly to the right / left. tnx!

    • bebopfreak says:

      If you mean viewing pictures … There is no built-in picture viewer, so the behaviour depends on your system or third party picture viewers – if there are any that can handle networks. In the next version you will be able to watch pictures via the web browser. Might solve your problem with large pictures.

  135. bl0b says:


    There’s a new paid app “Air Music” on the Market that looks awfully like a reskinned UPnPlay:

    It even has the UPnPlay app icon in one of the screenshot

    If you’re not aware of this, this is probably a ripoff.

  136. Jon James says:

    Hi – great app! Using it on my Xoom, works great with RockPlayer.

    I am connecting over local home network to my Win 7 desktop. Works fine, except when I add files or folders (e.g. a tv show episode, or a new tv show) I don’t see the new shows listed when I drill down. I can’t seem to “refresh” the view. No problem of course seeing these files with my laptop (also Win 7). As far as I can tell, the permissions on the new files aren’t any different.

    Btw, I would pay money if you had a “Pro” version. 🙂

    • bebopfreak says:

      The app accesses files via a UPnP server on your desktop. Whichever UPnP server you use (WMP 12?), you need to make the server refresh/rescan the data. You probably access files with your labtop via smb (shares): UPnP and smb are different protocols, therefore the difference.

  137. Helio D. says:

    The application looks good, and it streams well my photos and music. For some reason, when I use Local Media/Videos I get a message “No content available”, though I know I have at least 8 WMV files which are perfectly played by Mobo Player.

    What is happening there?

    • bebopfreak says:

      For content the app relies on the Android Media Scanner database, it doesn’t scan the SD by iteself. Media Scanners seem to differ from device to device and also from modded rom to modded rom. So either the database isn’t up to date or the scanner doesn’t recogize WMV as videos.

  138. Owen says:

    pretty new to this stuff..
    I open Upnplay go to acess my laptop and i get the message
    status 500: internal server error
    Error 801: Access denied

    • bebopfreak says:

      As the error message tells you, you must edit the settings of your laptop UPnP server (WMP 12?) to allow sharing. Study your laptop docs for how to do it – I don’t know your setup.

  139. Carl says:

    Really great product well done if your a night time coder.. If I knew that it played on my Samsung 2011 D6600 in an upcoming release then I would 800% put some money in your bank. The android market has so many DNLA player but I keep trying them all and end up uninstalling them as they don’t have the responsiveness that your code has but some of them do support samsung TV’s. But as mentioned it Samsung unfriendly and probably because they coded it so it has to use there badly written AllShare application. The best one I have found for Video is ImediaShare but it doesn’t do Audio very well and no last.fm support 😦 There are huge bounds for devs with the new killer app intown Google+.. Keep up the good work.. Nice one..

  140. gchow11 says:

    pretty awesome app you have here and still kinda new to streaming videos from computer to tablet. so far upnplay cant seem to find rmvb video files to stream. i can only stream avi files. is there a certain way to stream rmvb files? also is it possible to view external drives in upnplay? thanks again

    • bebopfreak says:

      The protocol is UPnP, it’s not smb shares! The app isn’t scanning your disks. It’s up to your UPnP server – I don’t know which one you are using –
      to recognize rmvb files as videos and it’s up to you to tell your UPnP server which disks/directories to scan. WMP 12 doesn’t recognize many video formats,
      you might install more codecs or try other UPnP servers.

    • Moltra says:

      Look at http://www.serviio.org, Serviio transcodes alot of formats so that they can be played by upnplay. I am current using upnplay with serviio and have not had any problems with any files yet. Have not tried any rmvb files yet. I will try and see how it works.

  141. Moltra says:

    I am using your software on my droid X and using serviio http://www.serviio.org to stream video to it. Serviio is designed to stream video to a DLNA render and to transcode only if needed. The way serviio does this is that it recognizes the DLNA render and loads a profile of what it can play and what it cannot play. Right now this is not working for upnplay do to this.

    UPnPlay doesn’t produce a correct description XML (missing namespace).


    Android Player
    UPnPlay Media Renderer






    Fixing this would make upnplay be identifed by most of the DLNA servers out there, and would increase the strength of the software. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

    • Moltra says:

      Sorry mistyped my email in the email box.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Thanks for the hint. You can try the current snapshot, hope there is enough namespace info. If not, please pm me.
      I think you can also define serviio device detection via HTTP headers, then you don’t need to start the renderer.

  142. philibuster says:

    When I download tracks from a transcoding server, the tags are not correctly-written. Is this because of the transcoding?

    • bebopfreak says:

      I guess so. When transcoding doesn’t preserve the meta information, the Android Media Scanner won’t find it. Preserving is possible of course in principle, but I don’t know which media servers can do it.

  143. Adoby says:

    I am using this on my xoom 3.2 and it works fine. Actually this is the only app that I have found that actually does work on my tablet. I stream from a Synology nas. You should be able to make this a profitable product. Or offer it to some company that can help you add some polish to it. I’m grateful for what it does already.

  144. Diego says:

    Hey, this app its really good, but how I can play my movies with SRT subtitules?? (I need this plz!!)


  145. Ben says:

    Been testing UPnPlay out on the Asus Transformer I got last night, and I’m greatful someone has made a network streaming app that allows the use of 3rd party players.

    What I’ve noticed so far:

    – When the tablet docks/undocks upnplay crashes, taking the whole system down, could be something to do with the stream interuption issue methioned earlier.

    – The transformer includes an application called MyNet which has similar functionality to UPnPlay, without the choice of player. It has the ability to seek when using WMP as the renderer.

    -MyNet also has the ability to filter by media type (image/audio/vid) which can be useful in filtering folders with different media types.

  146. poul says:

    nice app works great for me even mkv over wifi but missing srt support

  147. barneyd says:

    I’m using UPnPlayer on my Asus Transformer tablet. It’s great for music but I’m struggling with photos. When I choose a photo, it offers me the choice of opening it with Browser or Gallery (the built in apps). If I choose Browser, the photos are pixelated and small. If I choose Gallery, I get a “Item not found” error.

    I have QuickPic installed but that isn’t offered as an option to open the picture file in UPnPlayer. Can anyone help with a good photo app that works with this UPnP client?


  148. Deivid says:

    When ordered to open an avi file, instead of playing on my smartphone player, the program opens the OPERA browser to download the file. Already tested on two different servers. You know how to fix this?

  149. Ingo says:

    I was looking for a DLAN client running on Android 3.0 (Acer Iconia A500) in order to access photos and MP3 songs from a NAS (WD My book running Twonkey).
    I installed upnplay and it works great for mp3 but I’m not able to view any photos.

    1. When I try to access a picture it asks me for the 3rd party viewer. (Galerie or Browser)
    2. I choose “Galerie” as this seems to be the default image viewer on that device
    3. A message pops up shortly saying “Element nicht gefunden”
    4. Picture is added to the playlist but I haven’t got a glue how to display it. Pressing “Play” button doesn’t show any picture and shows the error message again (see 3.)

    Mybe I have missed something.
    Please let me know how to access photos or if that feature hasn’t been supported yet.

    • bebopfreak says:

      You’ve been missing the fine print. Picture viewing is supported only via third party apps. If third party apps don’t support network viewing (almost all don’t), it won’t work. Abilities of the standard “Galerie” app depend heavily on the the device manufacturer – so networking via “Galerie” works for some devices but not for others.

  150. Adam says:

    I love this app. Really, make is purchasible in the Market. You should have no trouble funding further development. I only have a “small” problem: I can stream mkv files from many different Upnp servers (Twonky, minidlna, Serviio) without problems to Mobo/Arc/Rock/Vplayer). Mpeg videos, on the other hand, just dont work properly. I can play these videos on the Samsung TV directly with its allshare without problems, so its not the servers. The players all exhibit aberrant behavior — which makes me suspect Upnplay (although I cannot be sure). Would be happy to help debug this issue (perhaps its something with my setup). Behavior happens on a bunch of different phones (LG Optimus One, HTC Desire HD, Samsung GalaxyTab).

    • bebopfreak says:

      I don’t think it’s the server. I don’t think it’s UPnPlay. It treats mkv, mpeg and other video formats all the same way: passing the url. The mime type is only used for player selection. I can play mpeg2 without problems (HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy Tab), but they are DVB-T recordings, so the bandwidth is rather low (2 GB per movie). Your TV certainly has hardware decoding, the android players are software decoders, you’re TV might have a lan cable … So look at your mpeg videos’ bandwidth, screen resolution, frame rate etc. These software decoders ARE limited, especially when streming over wifi.

  151. bob says:

    Hello, Ive been using upnplay for a few years and now ive upgraded to a newer tablet with andorid 3.1 the photos will not play or be shown. as the the comment above says with the above statements that only browser or gallery to choose from and neither works. I can see the photo thumbnail and even goes through these but when clicking on a single picture to view it cannot. Toshiba thrive here. please help whats other programs that will open the pictures ive tried about 30 or so programs and none work … bob d.

  152. David says:

    I am running this app on a Creative Ziio 7″ (android 2.2) and it works nearly seamlessly; many many thanks! A couple of points:

    a) Since this tablet doesn’t have android market, I have installed from your “older versions” directory. It might be worth publishing upnplayer on non-android market, but still revenue generating, sites.

    b) I have several dlna servers – various versions of twonky – which are always up. Sometimes upnplay can’t see them; using the “refresh device” option doesn’t help. Only way to restore them in upnplay’s list is to force close upnplay and restart.

    c) I can’t reliably stream music via wifi from server to tablet, and then on to bluetooth speakers. I realise that this may not be anything to do with upnplay, since normally it is fine, but under this condition, upnplay misbehaves badly (lots of “illegal http request” errors), and crashes quite quickly, taking the whole tablet down and requiring a reboot. I don’t think this is processor overload, as my older Nokia N900 manages this feat (server->wifi->tablet->bluetooth->speakers) with no particular problems.

    Are there any advanced settings that might help? Alternatively, would it help if I sent you debug logs? (No worries if this isn’t something you would want to pursue since the problem context and the hardware are a little but non-mainstream).

    Anyway, thanks again for a great app.

    • bebopfreak says:

      b) you might try the latest snapshot. Twonky is sending lots of garbage ip adresses, therefore UPnPlay creates a blacklist, which is cleared when refreshing in the newest version. I don’t know, if this clearing helps. If you have lots of devices, you can also play around with mx values and connection/read timeouts. If nothing helps, you can send log files to my email address.
      c) I don’t think I can do anything about that. On your tablet you have wifi -> audio decoding -> audio encoding -> bluetooth (and usually loss of quality) – these are
      all tasks of subsytems I cannot influence (wifi and bluetooth are usually on one radio chip, reason for problems could be non-optimal drivers).

  153. Martin Pool says:

    First off all, great app.
    Works perfect but when i touch the home button on my Xperia Arc (Android 2.3) to do other things on my phone wilie i am listening to the music uPnP player doesn`t close but it empties the playlist and stops playing. I added the player to ignore list of my taskkiller but it still does the same.

    • bebopfreak says:

      UPnPlay obviously gets killed.
      Clean up your phone, run as few services as possible, don’t watch huge web sites with flash,
      kill your taskkiller …
      Future versions of UPnPlay might be more sticky – hopefully, but Android won’t give any guarantees.

  154. M Rugman says:

    Ive been using UPnPlay on an LG GT540 low spec Android handset running 1.6 (yes, I know I should update it, but everything works). I was running UPnPlay ver 33 which worked fine streaming from my Vista laptop running Twonky.
    Then I updated UPnPlay through the Android Market and all videos were incompatible..no option to open Rockplayer or anything else. I uninstalled UPnPlayer and installed using your old versions list using ver 41 and everything is fine again!
    Yours is the only upnp/dlna app that has worked on this low spec mobile. I like to stream downloaded tv shows and watch on my phone in bed!
    My only worry is the app expires in Dec 2011…I hope future updates dont “break” it, as I wont be able to continue using an old working version.
    Thankyou for all your work on this wonderful app.

  155. Lawrence says:

    Hi, I’ve been using your UPNPlayer on my i9100 and it works great when playing rmvb video thru server. This time, I installed the latest UPNPlayer from market to my new toy, Galaxy Tab10.1. I tried to play the same rmvb video but popped up an error message “unsupported format(s)….”. Is there anything missing while installing it onto Tab 10.1? Please help!

  156. Hi!
    I have use your very nice app in a new google tv box. I want it primary to listen to music.It works fine expept to problems:
    1) I use foobar upnp for my music and I can see all my foobar library which plays fine! But the search function doesn’t work. It works for example in the xbmc libray. Is it some mistake of me?
    2) Is it possible to chooce other music renderer in the android device that yours like we do for video files? Because my device can play for example flac, but when I choose a flac file from xbmc server it says unsupoorted format.
    My device is rockchip 2918 google tv box with 2.3 android
    Thank you very much!

  157. Frank says:

    I just bought a Hannspad, which I upgraded to Honeycomb (flashback 7.2). The snapshot versions from August all work well, those of September crash immediately after start-up with cx.hoolol.silanoid has stopped unexpectedly. By going back to the older snapshots I restored a working UPnPlay. I hope you can solve it in future releases

  158. alchemist says:

    Pretty good application you have there 🙂 It works just fine on my eee pad although I’ve found that upnp servers and renderers are often capricious…

    For instance the renderer I use doesn’t like ‘ and & in the filenames. I found out that the sent URI is “percent-encoded” except for these 2 chars which are “html encoded” instead; for example:

    [audio src="'s%2520Song%2520(Instrumental%2520Version).flac" /]

    I believe it would work if ' would be %25%27 instead; same for & to %25%26

    Is it something you can fix? (I don’t know if that comes from the xbmc server) That would be great!

    • bebopfreak says:

      Most UPnP implementation are buggy – usually they cannot handle xml correctly.
      Currently UPnPlay doesn’t touch the URIs that come from servers besides
      fixing unparseable xml expressions.
      This one looks extremely weird, it’s even doubly “percent-encoded” and I don’t know, what wordpress does to it.
      A log file would be necessary to figure out what’s really going on.

      • alchemist says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! I indeed feared that XBMC would create this weird URI.

        As for the “double” encoding, I found on wikipedia (not always a reference, I know): Because the percent (“%”) character serves as the indicator for percent-encoded octets, it must be percent-encoded as “%25” for that octet to be used as data within a URI.

        I’ll send you a log file so that you can see what’s going on, but since it’s coming from the server itself I guess not much can be done about it.

        Appart from that, my setup works like a charm. Thanks again!

      • bebopfreak says:

        For the special case of a renderer that doesn’t handle xml correctly and a server that url-decodes its urls the flag
        Settings > Experimental > Transform URL
        might help.

  159. Frank says:

    OK When I have sorted out how to find the needed logfile I will send it to you

  160. James Hill says:

    Ok so hopefully you can help. I have upnplay installed on my Galaxy Tab 10″ and my Motorola Xoom tablet. Both are on a my wifi network which also has a PC (winxp pro) running tversity pro. I can see tversity server with my PS3 and all seems to work fine there, however neither of the tablets will see the tversity server. Tried refreshing the device list, have disabled firewall on XP (although as I say PS3 can see it just fine with it on), so help!

  161. Afir says:

    Hi! I would like to install Upnplayer to my phone, but I am confused why this application needs “read phone state and identity” permission?


    • bebopfreak says:

      People like to have playback paused, when phone calls come in. But listening to the phone state is only possible with the permission READ_PHONE_STATE. Personally I would prefer finer grained permissions.
      There is no way to make this feature optional – unless releasing distinct apps.

  162. Amviewer says:

    Not sure if it is the latest version of UPNPlay or DarkyROM KI3 2.3.5.
    But since i have this combination running the WAN server does a F.C. on procescx.hoohol.silanoid.
    when i try to add a server.
    Someone any idea?

  163. Hi again friend!
    As I wrote you before your aplication is really very good on my android tv box! But I have problem with this: when I stream music from my foobar library and the format of the file is flac , foobar makes it wav and sends it to the android renderer. So far so good. But the renderer plays the music file and sometimes it “cuts” the music, I loose sound and then continiues, and then stops again etc. I tested it with my htc desire to and the same happens. Have you tried it in your phone? Or it is something on the setting? Do you want me to send you a log file? Thank you for your time!

    • bebopfreak says:

      There is already some info above. (wav encoding too demanding – 24bit, or android power management problem: plug your device in or use higher wake lock).
      For your tv box, if it is able to play flac, you could define several profiles in foobar and read the help file. Logs won’t help, as it’s a android media player/wifi problem.

      • I tried everthing but nothing works for wav. It is really a pitty! The fanny thing is that when I use the web interface of Tvercity on the android browser, the wav-flac files play perfect with rockplayer!! I ask again: is it possible to choose other renderer for the music files like you do for the movies?(rockplayer)

      • bebopfreak says:

        If wav doesn’t work, transcode to mp3 (I doubt you’ll here the difference on your phone): take the foobar PlugPlayer profile and modify it accordingly.

  164. Steve Nguyen says:

    Hi bebo, I have installed your app on my Android player (samsung Yp Gb1), it is running Android Froyo 2.2
    Originally, its player can play Flac file but because the limitation of the disk (only 8GB) so I like your app very much
    I have installed and set up my WAN UPNP Server (from a computer at my Lab at school, running Foobar2000).
    Then I stay at home, using my Samsung player. The Upnplayer app can recognize the WAN server via wifi, I can browser it easily with multi options: Playlists, folder etc as I setting up on my Foobar2000 server….
    Please Note that: My foobar2000 server can run smoothly on any other computers via WAN.
    But the problem is: Also I have set the server to keep my Flac music files as original when transcoding, And when accessing it from other computers, i can listen these Flac files without losses of sound quality.
    But Why when I try to play those Flac files on my Server in my Samsung player via Upnplayer, it only streams for 5 seconds without any sound. (even the MP3 files from my server still cannot play with your app)
    I have set the protocolInfo following your instruction but the problem cannot be solved 😦
    The upnplayer streams Flac files on my local library without any problem

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME TO FIGURE OUT THIS PROBLEM!! because my SAMSUNG does not have enough memory to copy all my Lossless Library :((

  165. Steve Nguyen says:

    I have changed the streaming profile on my Foobar200 sever from “never transcode” to “always transcode to MP3”. The UPnplayer app play well after that. but the Sound Quality is suck! very bad.
    So I don’t know how to maintain the sound of my FLAC file on the sever.
    By the way, I am not sure your App uses the Samsung default player or not. Because that player giving very good sound quality with Sound Alive Technology of Samsung. It can Play Flac format well and the sound is excellent.
    Please help me to figure out this problem!!!

    • bebopfreak says:

      UPnPlay uses the MediaPlayer interface. If Samsung has its own player and doesn’t integrate the codecs into the MediaPlayer interface, it’s Samsung’s design problem. I don’t know if there exists an interface to Samsung’s player and I won’t dig any deeper.

  166. Hey!
    Great app. Its also great that you can download files from your media server to the mobile device. However hopefully in the future you could download multiple files at once (or download an entire folder)
    thanks to dev!

  167. Hi Bebop, thanks for the app, it work very well on the 4 phones i have around ( two HTC with Cyanogenmod 7.1, a stock Galaxy S and a very old HTC Magic).

    I have a pretty simple request, the option to add fixed UPNP server ( ex: domain name and port ), so i can use the phones to listen to music from my home computer from anywhere within reach of an access point 🙂 should be pretty simple i guess! I used to listen to music this way using my old Nokia n800 and a UPNP media player. Thank you.

  168. Gareth Morris says:

    I am trying to use UPnPlay with an ASUS Transformer Tablet rather than a phone. Many of the items on Help seem to have no relationship to what I can see on my tablet screen. The tablet runs on Android Honeycomb 3.2. The result is I can play individual tracks, albeit just one at a time. I can’t work out how to play complete albums or create playlists. Clearly I am doing something very wrong or the app is not yet fully compatible with Honeycomb 3.2 on a tablet. I should also admit that I am totally new to Android, all my experience being with Windows and iPhones. My apologies if my ignorance is the cause of my confusion!

    Nevertheless can you give me some pointers.

    Many thanks


  169. ianmwheeler says:

    Hi there, down loaded your app last night on my Model : Haipad M7
    CPU :Samsung A8 S5PV210 1Ghz android 2.3 tablet.

    I dream of being able to play from my Linkstation Live Nas, without having to go through another pc or having to break gingerbread and set up Cifs.

    The good news is it found my Linkstation ok and read and displayed my photos a treat!

    The bad news is it could not read the content on any thing else (music and video). When ever I click on the folders it just said No Content, which I know not to be true

    Do you have any comments


  170. Chris says:

    I’m using UPnPlay on an Advent Vega tablet. Some playlists//folders/tracks work well and yet others won’t play at all. All the music is .wav and streaming from a Western Digital MyBook Live via Twonky.
    As far as playlists go, it seems that only .mp3 lists play and not .wav. But when it comes to folders – some.wav tarcks play and some don’t. Any ideas what I can do? I get a brief message saying something like ‘illegal http: folder doesn’t exist’ when I know it does!
    I’m new to all of this – so assume I know nothing 😉

  171. Eva Luation says:


    let me first thank you for your great work. I tried many UPNP control point apps but yours is the best and works fine with my mediatomb installations and my popcorn hour NMT C-200.
    Unfortunately I cannot connect with my new SAMSUNG LED TV UE37D6500. Investigating the logs I think I found out the reason and it would be great if you could check this (seems to be really a small thing).
    While discovering the UPNP renderer the TV is found but gets “blacklisted”. The reason seems to be that “/RenderingControl1.xml” cannot be downloaded. The file is mentioned inside of “/dmr/SamsungMRDesc.xml” but without leading “/”. This means that the file is located in the same path as SamsungMRDesc.xml (“/dmr” and not “/”).
    Is it possible to check for leading “/” and if not present search for the file relatively to the description file?

    Thanks a lot in advance
    Eva Luation

    P.S.: Is your software open source? I would really like to learn from you and investigate your code. Perhaps I can even assist you in further developments?

  172. foenig says:

    First thanks for that great app.
    But i miss a Volume-feature with a gesture like MX Video Player.
    And the picture [no cover] doesn’t look very nice. Can you change it with an black one?
    Similar this: hxxx://www.jameskottak.com/wp-content/themes/jameskottak/img/cover/nocover.jpg

    Thanks a lot

    • foenig says:

      thanks for the Volume-feature !
      But a question about:
      I use as renderer the Fritz Wlan Repeater.
      If i use the volume feature i get an 401 error 😦
      I think the repeater doesn’t support the volume feature …
      With my wdtv live it works.

  173. StevenH says:

    Thanks for adding WAN connection support. Got it working with a couple remote servers today. Very cool.

  174. Jacques Comberu says:


    I’m happy with your UpnPlay on my HTC Desire but..

    as classical music lover I do need to use the tag “composer” to choose my music

    HTC soft has this tags on Music

    classical music lovers are minority but… they are more ready to donate…..

    thank you

  175. NTZ says:

    Thank you for your useful app. I’m using UPnPlay everyday.
    Would you add a option to supress message for low memory?

    • bebopfreak says:

      Try a recent snapshot and ‘Suppress Error Msgs’
      or save memory (disable Album Art and ‘History Cache’).

      • NTZ says:

        In spite of enabling that option, the message had been shown when memory was low.
        But I re-enabled it, after I disabled it once. The low memory message had been suppressed.
        Thank you.

  176. Boris says:

    Damn good upnp player, it has become my favoured one. I’m using it on an Archos 101 tablet and mediatomb as server.

    I have question re the ‘Now playing’ screen – is there a way of making it displaying more than just title/artist/album? For classical music, performer and/or composer would be great. Are there any other upnp classes it can display?


    • bebopfreak says:

      In general you get addional information (composer, year, genre, tracknr) when long pressing the cover.
      The current snapshot version displays the composer, when available.

      • Boris says:

        Wow, that’s awesome, you rock! Many thanks!
        Seems like it’s displaying now the upnp:author field. I’m getting exactly what I need by having mediatomb put the composer into upnp:artist and performer into upnp:author. A little bit of misuse, but it looks great!
        Viele Grüße!

  177. Tazzarias says:

    Hi Bebopfreak,

    Love the player, I’ve been using it for a couple of months now on my Archos 70IT tablet.

    Only feature I would love to see is the ability to browse entries by Album in all categories. For example, if I drill down into Genre, it would be great to have the option to group the results by Album.

  178. Deivid says:

    Upnplay version 0.0.51 does not publish my SD Card media card in the DLNA network.
    How can I do this with Upnplay?

  179. zenek says:

    doesnt let me choose my picture viewer, it has only “browser” for pictre viewers , you should enable to pick all viewers for all types so even music vplayers would be possible to pick from when selecting images, yes im not joking at least make it as option , there is one option in experimental to turn off filter viewers but it doesnt work for images,cause when i pick videos i have lots of options but images 0 options and i tried to install image viewers but it doesnt show them in your app to select them for viewing.Some videos also play only half a second and skip quickly to the end.Im on gingerbread235 galaxy s

    • bebopfreak says:

      – your picture viewer probably cannot stream (only those that say they can stream images are shown, but most cannot stream, believe me)
      – UPnPlay only passes urls to players; so if videos don’t play correctly, it’s a problem of the players not UPnPlay

  180. JM says:

    I really love this tool. It works perfectly on my Asus Transformer pad. I can stream videos and music stored on my PC.
    Also, how do I include metadata to the videos so that the covers are shown in UpnPlayer, or any other information about the video. I don’t want to actually integrate the metadata directly into the videos because it would require re-encoding the video. But may be with a xml file in the videos folder. Any suggestions?
    One thing I would love to see is some work on the design, specially for tablet.
    1) is there a way to present the covers in coverflow rather than listview, with may be larger covers.
    2) list music and videos as different categories
    In any case, Thank you very much for the app.

    • bebopfreak says:

      The UPnP Media Server on your PC is responsible for supplying metadata. UPnPlay doesn’t do any scanning itself.
      1) no – the app is free and I’m no fan of superfluous eye candy (and in the case of coverflow I might even be sued by David Gelernter)
      2) separating videos and music is usually done automatically by media servers – though some very primitive ones just offer the folder view.

  181. cc says:

    I use it on Asus Transformer and Galaxy S. On both it works great for sound. Together with MX VideoPlayer or MoboPlayer also fine with video. But I have one problem. In several folders i have a cover.jpg for the cover. When i try to open a movie file in this folder UPnPlay always wants to show the jpeg instead of playing the video. It is the same for all files. When i remove the cover.jpg all is fine.

    As server I use miniDLNA on linux. Other clients don’t have this issue.

    A bugfix would be very nice.

    • cc says:

      I’m not sure maybe it simply is miniDLNA’s fault. That it should not send the thumbnail.jpeg to UPnPlay.

      For now i disabled artwork/thumbnails in miniDLNA and all is fine.

      Thanks for your great app.

    • bebopfreak says:

      miniDLNA provides two resource properties per video item, one – the first one – is the url to an image, the second one is the url to the movie. I really don’t know if that’s the standard way of treating thumbnails (for audio you have the extra AlbumArt property – so there is no confusion).

  182. Lars says:


    Great app. Maybe you can auto switch on Roku Soundbridge (if it’s switched off), while using it as a renderer? Maybe that’s somewhat a hack, but as you are the author of Androku maybe you want to give it a thought?


    • bebopfreak says:

      Try the newest snapshot. (Long press on the SoundBridge item)

      • Lars says:

        Thank you. Unfortunately it’s working like a toggle. If the Soundbridge has already been powered on, it’s powered off by the menu command 😉
        Maybe two entries help (Power on, Power off)? Even more comfortable would be to have UpnPlay to check the state before connecting to the Soundbridge an sent – if necessary – the power on command.
        But don’t be bothered too much with this special wish.
        Thanks again,
        will now see how to donate. I don’t like paypal. Do you think you will offer an donation through the marketplace?

      • bebopfreak says:

        There is only a toggle command, but you could look at the display. Personally I don’t use the stand by mode, as it still uses too much power – I simply pull the plug.

  183. Lars says:

    Another thing about the Soundbridge. Sometimes it stays at the server-selection-menu. And instead connecting to (e.g.) twonkyserver when controlled by UpnPlay it rather hangs there. I then have to manually press OK on the remotecontrol/app. Do you think there is a way for you to avoid this?


  184. Lars says:

    And me again …

    When pressing the shuffle-button the playlist will be shuffled – ok. When long pressing the app goes to editmode – ok. But to get the original sortorder – i have to go to the menu/more/sort?
    Would’nt it be easier to have the shuffle-button shuffle – original sortorder – shuffle – original … you get the picture.
    Personally i would rather have to move the editmode to the menu and longpress for original sortorder.
    And a question: Do you even want to have suggestions of these kind? Or do you prefer bugreport only?

  185. Carlo says:

    I’m using UPnPlay in a very slow network (end-to-end delay is more than 4 seconds) and narrow bandwidth (500 Kbit/s).

    When getting a picture everything is fine, but when requiring an audio or video file I’ve noted that UPnPlay requires the same URL several times, about every 2 seconds. In my case this is a big issue since requests actually reach the media server and so the media server starts sending the same file several times, saturating the very limited bandwidth.

    Is it possible to avoid this behavior or at least delay following requests? (e.g., from 2 seconds to 5 seconds). I’ve tried to modify the “Read Timeout” value, but without any success.

    Thank you very much,

    • bebopfreak says:

      I don’t know, if I understand the problem – but you should disable ‘Album Art’ and ‘Nearly Gapless Play’ in order to reduce traffic. The content URL (audio or video) is simply passed to a player and I don’t know how players do the streaming.

      • Carlo says:

        Yes, you’re definitely right! sorry for the OT question.

        BTW, which audio renderer would you suggest?
        Do you know any audio player providing the capability of setting parameters like read timeout and retries?

        Thank you again,

      • bebopfreak says:

        I only have a Roku Soundbridge (besides software renderers) that doesn’t allow changing parameters, so I don’t know.

  186. gary hawes says:

    Hi and thanks for this great app, i am using it to stream music to my O2 joggler (booting to x86 android 1.2.3 )via xbmc server on an acer revo 3610 and it works a treat.
    The issue i have is that say when looking at Artists it will only go up to f without having to hit more at the bottom (i do have a big collection)I have tried changing the setting to 0 but to no avail hope you can help but i realise this could be an x86 issue
    Thanks for looking

  187. Tazzarias says:

    Hi bebopfreak, I get the following error after entering any search string and selecting OK:
    Status 500: Internal Server Error
    Error 501: Action Failed
    No Content Available

    The error occurs regardless of where I attempt the search.
    However, I can browse the contents and see tracks, albums, etc, no issues there.

    My DLNA/UPnP server is Windows 7/WMP 12.

    Thanks! Tazzarias

    • bebopfreak says:

      Looks like really all media servers are broken! Valid queries for WMP 12 aren’t accepted by miniDLNA, and vice versa.

      • cc says:

        That’s bad for WMP with miniDLNA all is fine. Is it possible to detect server by an answer or add a setting to UPnPlay?

        Don’t get me wrong all I use is miniDLNA and nothing else 😛

        So as long as miniDLNA works great all is fine.

      • bebopfreak says:

        The new version hopefully works for both. I’m just ranting in general … What are specs (even awfully specs like UPnP) good for, if nobody takes them serious. miniDLNA developers think they can skip parsing a query by simply transforming the UPnP query to a SQLITE query via simple text substitution. That’s the typical 99% hack, which definitely won’t work for corner cases.

  188. dilangnic says:

    Hi, Samsung Galaxy, how do I choose from Last.fm as a source? Remember I am, hook set, but it is nirgens displayed as a music source.
    Otherwise UPnPlay is simply great!

    Thank Dilangnic

  189. Tazzarias says:

    Hi bebopfreak,

    Thanks for the updated .53 version, searching WMP12 server content is now working. I wanted to provide some additional observations:
    1) If I navigate beyond the first page of selectable content and attempt a search, it returns a “No Content Available” message. If I return back to the first page, search works again.
    2) A search by Album does indeed return all tracks in the album; alas, they’re in random order. Some of the tracks for my Albums need to be played back in the proper sequence (storybook cds for the kids for example). Resequencing them can be a pain. And is a segue to …
    3) Is it possible to navigate to a page content beginning with a particular letter or character? I have literally thousands of Albums for example, and paginating all the way down to Albums beginning with the letter T, for example, is really time consuming.

    Thx, and keep up the fabulous work! Tazzarias

    • bebopfreak says:

      1) I will check
      2) should be simple: use ‘Sort’ and sort along ‘Album’ that’s 2 or 3 clicks – it’s difficult to always provide the appropriate order
      3) no – but I don’t know, why media servers still are made for small collections only. Introducing something like ‘^T’ (grep) is probably not adequate for the current touch generation.

      • Tazzarias says:

        2) Thx, that worked! Didn’t even know Sort by track was an option in the playlist view.

    • bebopfreak says:

      1) can you email a log file and explain in detail, what you are trying to do
      3) I can make prefix search work with miniDLNA, but WMP12 won’t accept those queries

  190. bruce markowitz says:

    Where can I get the prior version? Thr latest update no good

  191. Lars says:

    Hallo Bebobfreak,
    When accessing the webinfo the Artist and composer field are passed both to discogs. Therefore there are no matching results. I would rather prefer the (album) artist tag.

    Thanks, Lars

  192. cc says:

    Hi Bebopfreak,

    it is great upnplay works very nice on ICS (Android 4.0.1) on Galaxy S cyanogen Beta5. No issues at all. With 2.3.5 playback of videos (vob files) sometimes jumped. But with ICS not anymore. Ok maybe more a problem of the player than upnplay 😉

    Very nice! Thanks.

  193. Mark says:

    Thanks for the great app !

    A, perhaps basic question, but where can i find the settings menu??
    I’m using a Samsung 10.1 tab with Android 3.1.
    I looked everywhere but did not find this menu

    Furthermore the album art does not seem to work. I get a large [no cover] image in my screen.
    The small albumart before the songname does work.

    Who can help me with this great app.

    Thank, Mark.

  194. Frode says:

    I’m impressed, this app has a lot of potential, and it works very well when it works after getting used to the interface. I had a funny problem, not sure if I can properly explain it, but I’ll try:
    I have lots of music videos on my Synology server, watching them in shuffle mode worked well. When I stupidly decided to update Synology system from 3.0 to 3.2 while I was playing on Galaxy Pad 10.1, it naturally stopped. However, after update was finished, rebooted both server and Pad, I couldn’t get UPnPlay to play any video at all, not using MXPlayer, RockPlayer etc. I noticed that MXPlayer showed a “HW” symbol, this means hardware decoding, which I know is not working. But I checked setup in MXPlayer, it said SW decoding only, and it had only played SW decoding before through UPnPlay. Tried lots of settings in UPnPlay with no effect.

    Anyway, removing and reinstalling UPnPlay solved the problem, my theory is that maybe the crash during the update when server became unavailable somehow froze the decoder into HW mode? Just my 2 cents, good luck fine tuning this great app!

  195. Mark says:

    Sorry, problems are solved. Did a reboot of the server, was cache related.

  196. James says:


    Just come across this – looks excellent thank you. It seems to find a range of Media servers (XBMC, Twonky, and whatever NetGear Duo NAS uses). Plays video in a range of formats (thanks vPlayer).
    I can render to local device or XBMC
    Using Samsung Galaxy S

    My only issue is with playing .WMA – I saw the comment above about
    “You can always add additional formats by editing: Settings… -> Debug -> protocolInfo
    And tried that – which stopped the error – but didn’t actually play the file.

    I understand the default android player doesn’t support WMA, so I assume there is a good reason why I can’t pick the audio player in a similar way to the way I can pick the video player (as I can use VPlayer or rockplayer to play the wma file directly across the LAN) – so it seems if I could select the audio player I’d be there ?

    Also – is it possible to select a default (video) player so you don’t get prompted each time ?

    If by any chance this is possible it would be great


    • James says:

      OK – guilty as charged – just read the help – and found under Experimental I can use 3rd party player – very happy 🙂 – my streaming WMA is now working !

  197. Chris says:

    I really appreciate your software, it’s great for using on my Asus Transformer tablet when I want to watch a movie in bed.

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch for Sprint and I installed the app on it as well. As expected it worked flawlessly….on wifi. But I realized that if I turn off wifi and go on 3g, I cannot stream media from my computer to my phone. Is there a work around that will allow me to use my phone’s data to stream media? Thanks!

  198. Herman says:


    GREAT app! Using it on Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500 off Serviio. Apologies if this is a stupid question but my renderer does not auto-advance to the next track. I have played with most of the settings but cannot get seem to get it to work. Please help?


  199. Carlo says:

    I’m using UPnPlay with Twonky Media server, which provides the same jpeg file in multiple formats/sizes, i.e., the original one plus others at reduced quality as additional resources with different URLs. However, UPnPlay doesn’t provide the capability of selecting a specific URL, but it seems that the first URL among available ones is automatically selected.
    How can I select one specific version/URL of a given picture?

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Kind Regards,,

    • bebopfreak says:

      Actually for external renderers there is a matching process, i.e. it takes the first URL, where the protocol info of source and sink matches. Currently there is no way to influence this process – may be you can pm about your specific problem.

  200. Steffen says:

    Only thing this app misses is a “Play Next” Option.
    Annoying to have guests add numbers at numbers at a party and then they don’t play next because you are in the middle of a playlist. Because of this they often ruin the playlist 😀

  201. Jeff says:

    I like the app as a bare-bones uPNP client. FYI – I’ve gotten 0.0.55 to work side-loaded on a Kindle Fire. The only issue I’ve encountered is that the four “fixed” Android 2.x buttons are missing on the Fire, so you can’t access any menu options. The most notable is the “Refresh” menu option on the devices tab. I simply waited some time for the auto refresh.

    With a little extra effort placing the menu options on screen, you should be able to offer this via the Amazon app store.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Amazon intentionally broke compatibility in order to increase earings. Ask them to fix it … And it doesn’t make sense to pay Amazon 99$ per year just to offer a free app!

    • gary hawes says:

      Have you tried button savior as a work around as i have an o2 joggler which has no buttons and this works for me on other apps as well as this one 🙂

    • bebopfreak says:

      With the current snapshot you can open the options menu when long pressing any of the navigation buttons (goto playlist, browser, etc…).

  202. Carsten says:

    great and function rich application! I would like to store and load my saved playlist on sd card, so I can make backups as well as edit the playlist on my computer and upload them to UPnPlay. Thanks and seasion’s greetings.

    • bebopfreak says:

      ‘menu > share’ and you can export playlists – if it helps. You shouldn’t work too much with these playlists – once you reconstruct the server database they are useless, as ids and urls have changed. Keep your playlists on the server!

      • Carsten says:

        web radio streams do only work on local playlists – I was not able to get them from the server

      • bebopfreak says:

        export them (via share) as xspf playlists and read them with the local media file browser, .xspf extension obligatory (should work with current snapshot and future versions).

  203. thank you ever so much for this fantastic program. it’s a beauty.

    i am seriously craving that shoutcast streaming option. i spotted it under the experimental menu, but it’s been grayed out. i presume it’s not operational yet? i have a specific non-listed shoutcast server, will i be able to manually add it (since it’s not in shoutcast.com listings &c)?

    if you want a hand doing shoutcast development work, i’m happy to contribute code, whatever needs be done, & promise not to redistribute or rebrand & to respect your rights over your code. it’s a fantastic program, it’d be a pleasure to assist. name at voodoowarez.com

    • bebopfreak says:

      ‘menu > more > new track’ and you should be able to add a web radio stream.
      Development isn’t the problem. Just make these guys respond to licence requests. No licence, no shoutcast directory.

  204. Barrie Minney says:

    All I want to do is use UPnPlay as a controller to shuffle mp3 tracks. My current set up is a Sony BDPS580 bluray player and using Serviio software (under Windows 7 64). I am using a HTC Wildfire S.

    I have read through all these comments to see if anyone else has the same problem as me and I only found one – from September 2010 so I can’t believe this is a common issue.

    Basically, I can set up a playlist and shuffle the order. This appears and plays fine on the Sony. However, on every alternate track it plays for 11 seconds then skips to the next track, which plays ok.

    I have set the serviio program not to refresh and checked to see if it was being caused by vbr mp3 files. That did not seem to affect it.

    Any ideas?

    I’m sure its something simple that I’ve overlooked.

    This really is a great program.



    • Barrie Minney says:

      Cancel this!!! Found the reason. In Experimental settings Wakelock set this to Dim Screen. Tested and its definitely the cause. This suggests it should be default?

      Anyway works a treat. Now all I need to do is get my head round the menu system.

  205. oozle says:

    Hi there
    I’m using your app with an asus transformer tablet and the only problem i’m having is that i can’t play more than one track in sucsession and doesn’t seem to be a player option (no music note icon)
    Any ideas?
    Cheers Oozle

  206. Barrie Minney says:

    Hi Oozle
    You select displayed tracks as a playlist (looks like a refresh logo with two circling arrows) It warns you that you are replacing the playlist (even if you haven’t selected one) then hit Music logo.
    I admit navigating is confusing but its the best controller out there (I use it with Serviio)

  207. bbortnick says:

    Hi, I have the same problem as ozzle;
    i navigate to a folder/mp3 playlist where a bunch of tracks get displayed.
    I select the ‘+’ icon (either beside each track, or the big one on the side of the screen)
    I then select the refresh icon(get message replacing playlists)
    But there is only one track on the playlist, and when the song ends, or next is tapped, get an error message – nothing to play (empty playlist?)
    Thanks for any help!

    • bebopfreak says:

      Should be easier to read the ‘help’ file (on the device or using the link above) than posting questions here. Only the items with green ‘+’es are added. The playlist screen contains a button that displays and changes the playing mode (play one, play all, repeat, repeat all).

  208. Barry says:

    That was it! Thanks for you help!

  209. hunzl hunzl says:

    thank you for this programm.
    best in market.
    use it with my mybook wd nas.

  210. Hi Guys,

    maybe someone could help me 😉
    i tried upnplay in renderer-mode to get it working, but it won’t be discovered.

    i found the problem.
    all of my control-points say nearly the same:

    WARNUNG: uuid:314e-a134-bfaa-e005::upnp:rootdevice from location… Ignored 😦
    org.apache.commons.jxpath.JXPathException: Cannot read XML from:; DOM parser error; Attribute “xmlns” was already specified for element “root”.

    this looks like a malformed xml.
    the file it self shows it excactly:



    Android Player
    UPnPlay Media Renderer






  211. Mightyduck says:

    Hi bebopfreak,

    thanks for this easy to use app. It’s running very smooth with twonky 4.4.18, SGS CP and Noxon 2 as renderer. The only thing I miss is to stop a current playing track by pressing pause (or sending pause to the noxon 2). Please implement this only command to support pause on the noxon 2. Let me know if I can help by sniffing the network commands, etc 🙂
    best regards and thanks,

  212. Michael Ma says:

    Hi bebopfreak, UPnPlay is an app I use hours on a daily basis. I love it. Thank you for offering this app. I use it with DicePlayer and it is an integral part of owning an Android for me. With that said, the last update .57 keeps freezing my device. Can you post up the previous .55 version for download? That one was absolutely flawless for me.

  213. Hi, awesome app 🙂
    I really like it, it’s the perfect player I’v been looking for so long.
    Running on ODYS LOOX and HTC Desire without any problems so far.
    Is it possible to add crossfading within a playlist ?
    I had this option with pocket player on my old windows mobile fon and liked it.

    Regards, Rainer

    • bebopfreak says:

      You could help testing: take the newest snapshot, switch on ‘Gapless’ and set ‘Crossfading’ to a value > 0.

      • Hi,
        this is what I like so much with opensource, many times you have a very fast response from the author 🙂
        For me the crossfading works, I tried different intervals and it works like expected.
        Could you also apply crossfading when manualy skipping to the next song ?
        It’s a shame that one cannot buy this app in the market, so I was forced to donate 🙂
        Greetings from the north of Germany,


  214. Hans says:

    just popping by to say how much I love your app bebopfreak!
    excellent app that is used here on daily basis 🙂
    I just found out that I can watch pictures from my upnp-supported NAS on my Philips network-connected tv 🙂 I can even turn up music on my tv set via your app. this simply rocks!

    Keep up the good work and expect a donation somewhere this week 😉

  215. Søren s says:


    Did you ever get cling to work with your soundbridge?

    I’m trying now and i have major problems. It always comes with “Cannot play UPnP song”

    best regards


    • bebopfreak says:

      Yes, when I tried it more than a year ago and cling shortened some strings – but I never used the cling DIDL stuff. Since then I haven’t used cling.
      Problems with soundbridge usually arise from metadata: either the string is simply too long or it contains some (superfluous) content, soundbridge doesn’t like. The best strategy is to remove everything that’s not absolutely necessary.

      • Søren s says:

        Thank you for the reply. I have try a very simple example where I set the AVtransportURI and send a play command with either empty metadata or none and it says it cant play the Upnp song.
        Any thoughts?

      • bebopfreak says:

        You need to supply the NECESSARY data (like …). Look at the log file of UPnPlay.

  216. Robert says:

    Hi Bebobfreak

    the only DLNA server I currently use is a Windows Media Player on one of my PCs. While UPNPlay can use them without problem in the LAN the clone method (or at least the way how I understand it) seems to fail on WAN connections-

    Not going into details about networking Ort firewalls, but am I right with my understanding that WAN server cloning should work like this:

    1.In UPNPlay, while being in LAN connectivity clone a server which is appearing as an available device

    2. Take the LAN IP address (e.g. and port (e.g. 2869) appearing in the clone dialog and set up a forward rule from a suitable WAN address (e.g. myrouter.dyndns.org:10000 –>

    3. In the clone dialog, change the hostname and port to the respective WAN values (myrouter.dyndns.org, 10000) and leave all other values unchanged

    4. Save these settings, disconnect from LAN, restart UPNPlay and go online via an ISP; the WAN clone of your local DLNA server should be reachable now for UPNPlay

    Did I understand the principle right or do I make some mistake here?


    • bebopfreak says:

      Don’t change the port, use ‘myrouter.dyndns.org:2869’. Shouldn’t be a severe restriction, as you should be able to freely choose the port for your server – and fixing the server port might be desirable anyway.

  217. Hi all,
    Fantastic app….very good job…
    I am using it with lot of Gb of music on a Netgear ReadyNAS+Yamaha RX-V1067 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    With a lot of mp3, I am using a lot the star rating tag (1-5 stars) to easy my searches on window media layer, specially now since window7 permit to edit on the fly this property via the explorer…
    May I dream to have the rating star also on your awesome app?
    Thanks a lot in advance

  218. Hi,
    just wanted to let you know that UPnPlay works very well when you are connect to your LAN via VPN. Last weekend I was in Tallinn, Estonia and I easily could listen to all my songs 🙂
    I even could see my second Player(UPnPlay running on a Odys Loox tablet).
    There is a new snapshot, dated 16.01. What has been changed ?
    Maybe you als could put somekind of changelog there ?



  219. Frank Henninger says:


    UPnPlay is really a nice app. I use it to stream music from a NAS to my Yamaha RX-A2010. UPnPlay is installed on a Sony Tablet S with hardware volume button. Since the last two version updates of UPnPlay the volume will reseted to “0” by pushing the “volume up” button. Is there a bug?

    Regards an keep up working on this really great app!

  220. Hi Bebopfreak,
    I do have some problems with my twonky server (Vers. 6.0.38), streaming shoutcast radio to UPnPlay. I can see all the Radio Stations, however when I select a station nothing will be played.
    I generated a logfile and will send that to you.



  221. Hans J. Albertsson says:

    I’m using UPnPlay on my Samsung Galaxy S II, feeding the MX Player for video.
    My DLNA Server is Serviio 0.6.1 on an OpenIndiana b151a server.
    I am amazed at how well this particular combo works. Playback is absolutely smooth whenever HW decode is enabled, which happens surprisingly often, like > 90% of the very diverse formats I have. Even with software decode, it’s mostly acceptable.

    2 Questions:
    I particularly liked the Download feature! Neat for bringing a few movies along on a trip.
    I have tried to find some documentation, or some indication at least, of what Download (a video file) actually does. Does it reencode? does it compress??? The resulting file seems smaller, and I’m at a loss to understand why or how it happens.

    Also, selecting what to download confuses me: green or grey “+”?? Playlist? I THINK I’m just not reading your settings menus correctly, please point me to where this is explained (or tell me to go myself, I won’t mind).

    I’m fully aware these might be very very stupid questions: I tried searching for answers, but there’s nothing obvious (to me!!) anywhere.

    • bebopfreak says:

      If you are satisfied with the playback that’s due to the combination of MX Player and Serviio.

      The UPnP Controller usually cannot directly access files of the server, it only can access streams supplied by the server. This is also true for downloading. If the original file and the downloaded file differ, then it’s because the server supplies a transcoding stream, probably according to some profile for Android devices. UPnPlay doesn’t do any modifications to these streams. If you want to change the transcoding or switch it off, you have to change some Serviio settings.

      Pluses are a way to implement multi-select – green means selected, grey unselected. Menu > Download will download all selected items. There is a short (maybe too short) note in the help file.

  222. Hans J. Albertsson says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I just found, by experiment, that long-pressing the “+” button at the bottom TWICE gets the list up with deselected items.

    I think. Maybe there are other prerequisites?? Could this be learned from the help entry???

    BTW, don’t be too modest: several other DLNA apps cannot run 3rd party apps for video display w/o killing most of the fone, AND making the video app hang.

    So there must be something to be said for how you hand the data down stream and start the app.

    • SolomonWilde says:

      Long press of the “+”! Brilliant – this was the only thing frustrating me. This is the best upnp player, well done mate.

  223. greg says:

    Flac support?

  224. brokenwindow says:

    Hi. I like the application. works good on GS 2 w. Twonkey on a CH3SNAS and denon1912 as renderer. Q: do you think its possible to add Support for cue-Files so you can jump from track to track in big files? I couldn’t find any information about that yet for upnplay.

    • bebopfreak says:

      There is a concept for complex media with serveral tracks in UPnP for modelling CDs, tapes , etc. Currently it’s not implemented, but may be sometime in the future.

  225. Andoiduser44 says:

    hey dude i like your app it streams everything correctly
    but i only have one big problem
    i use a fritzbox 6360 with a external hdd
    i use it as fritznas
    my problem is that upnplay allways show me old files which i already have deleted on my nas storage. the newer files doesnt appear on the media library.
    how can i refresh the media library manually
    is there any options?
    thanks for the great work

    • bebopfreak says:

      menu > help > FAQ
      I don’t know about the fritzbox, but some UPnP devices can be controlled by a browser. Long click on the Fritzbox item, if ‘Presentation’ appears in the menu, you might be able to control it with your phone.

  226. Andoiduser44 says:

    ì found a solution
    i long pressed on the fritzbox icon and then clicked on clear cache
    now it works how it should work
    i think i must clear the cache manually, if i add new data on the nas
    thank you for your help anyways

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  228. auser says:

    Hi Gerat App! Just listening to music from my Debian NAS on my phone (CM7) running upnplayer. Thank you very much!
    Two questions:
    – Would it be possible to make the Preview Images for Pictures bigger?
    – Any plans on an integrated “Picture-Renderer” (not sure if this is the correct term) at this time i open pictures in browser, this seems to work best…
    PS: I do have the impression that your app could benefit from beeing open source, there is still a way to make some money form it (donations, or a “Premium upnplayer, that includes a donation and a different (or better nicer) Iconset or some such…

    • bebopfreak says:

      – select a bigger fontsize
      – try a current snapshot

      • auser says:

        Hey, thanks! Now i have set fonts to “large” and i can actually see what is on the picture. I would not nessecary need the fonts as large 😉
        I donated a few bucks, why don’t you think again about open-sourcing this?

  229. Bu says:

    Hi – thanks for this app!
    With my Netgear DGND3700 as DLNA server I had problems with all other players. They all stopped after a few songs, because the Netgear firmware has a room for improvements …
    Another nice feature would be to add a folder with all subfolders to the playlist.

  230. Hi,
    Would like to feature this app in our list. For that I need a higher res version of the UPnPlay logo. Can you please share your email id so that I may get in touch with you officially.

  231. Elliot says:

    The latest version (0.0.61) is crashing when I try to edit a WAN host. It is unable to inflate the layout:

    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #21: Error inflating class EditView
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at android.view.LayoutInflater.createViewFromTag(LayoutInflater.java:581)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at android.view.LayoutInflater.rInflate(LayoutInflater.java:623)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at android.view.LayoutInflater.rInflate(LayoutInflater.java:626)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at android.view.LayoutInflater.inflate(LayoutInflater.java:408)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at android.view.LayoutInflater.inflate(LayoutInflater.java:320)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at android.view.LayoutInflater.inflate(LayoutInflater.java:276)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at cx.hoohol.silanoid.CyberWanServer.editDevice(CyberWanServer.java:122)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at cx.hoohol.silanoid.CyberWanServer.contextItemSelected(CyberWanServer.java:253)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at cx.hoohol.silanoid.Silanoid.onContextItemSelected(Silanoid.java:1189)
    E/AndroidRuntime(10211): at android.app.Activity.onMenuItemSelected(Activity.java:2341)

  232. ReLax says:

    I have been using the app for a long time and I enjoy the function of viewing avi files from my buffalo Linklive NAS on my phone.
    I have uploaded my media library to NAS and now I cannot see the movie folders. It seems that I cannot update the folder list? Folders that was previously visible is not there anymore.
    I have no problem seeing the folders on my laptops running win7.
    I have tried to “clear cach” and I have also “wiped dalvik” but no change.

    I have also tried other upn viewers and they all faile to see the movie folders so I suspect it in not anything to do with the UPnPlayer.

    Do you have any ides as to why. I have the SGS I

  233. powei says:

    I would like to know if UPnPlay can support *.sdp file finding for rtsp server or
    *.m3u8 file finding for live streaming server?
    If not, how to do find these servers?

    • bebopfreak says:

      I’m not sure, I understand the question. The app is UPnP controller, so it only detects UPnP renderers and servers. What it can find on the UPnP servers totally depends on the UPnP server software – UPnP protocol isn’t samba or nfs. May be you can pm me for clarification.

  234. Dan From Parma says:

    What ID3 tag does UPnPlay look at for album art? I have turned everything on in Appearence, and also have added extended metatags in experimental. And as yet, I have not seen any album art.

    I am using mediamonkey to add art work, I have been using “Front Cover” as the id3 tag to assign that work to. The art work is showing up in winblows media player but not UPnPlay.

    Running on Asus T101 Transformer, dual processor. Gig of memory
    OS Ice Cream,
    I installed the app after the upgrade to Ice Cream.

    dlna server is FreeBSD 8.2 running minidlna
    All music is showing up and playing without issue.
    —————————–> I have all art embedded within the mp3 file itself, but I know that minidlna has config settings for art files. Do I need seperate art files with the dlna server sending this data also?

    Really would like to get the art to display, have the Transformer running HDMI out to my home theater system for both visual and audio.

    I could be doing something really stupid here, and I have no problem with you slapping me along side the head and going look stupid.

    All boxes checked in appearance for album art. Also the extended metadata for cover in experimental.

    Would approcieate any directino/help you can provide.

    Great app by the way, even without the album art.

    • bebopfreak says:

      The app doesn’t look at any ID3 tags at all. The app receives metadata from the UPnP server (minidlna) and expects as part of the metadata a http link to an album art file. So it’s the responsibility of the UPnP server to provide that link. I don’t know, which ID3 tags minidlna is looking for. Just add a cover.jpg file and make minidlna rescan for testing.
      Should your album art look ugly (downscaled), it’s minidlna’s fault.

    • Dan From Parma says:

      When I was doing the artwork for the music, I always have added it to ID3 tags. Never thought of building art folders, or art work files.

      Thank you for the quick reply, again. Great app

  235. Martint says:


    First of all, thanks you for your app. Even if it took me months to understand how it works, I finally managed to play the music from my comuter on my phone (a HTC Legend).

    Still I’ve got one question. What I would like to do is to launch music from my computer and that the sound comes from my cell phone speaker (well, in fact from speakers linked to my cell phone).

    As in the app description it’s written that it possible to use upnplay as a Upnp render, I thought that I could do that. However, when I use Windows Media Player and click on the “Play with” Icon (the green one above the playlist) Upnplay doesn’t appear as a renderer.

    I tried with VLC to (streaming HTTP to different port) doesn’t work.

    Did I misunderstood the Upnp option.

    Thanks again for your app and your help.

    P.S.: I forgot, once I’ve opened Upnplay I go to the player, press the menu button and press on “Renderer” hoping that this will activate the renderer option…but it doesn’t…

    • bebopfreak says:

      May be you try the newest snapshot.
      Enabling the renderer is done via settings, or long press on the ‘Android Player’ item and select ‘Start UPnP Renderer’

  236. Carlos Lint says:

    Hi there. First of all, let me thank you for this nice piece of software, I can see that it is still missing some polish, but it works pretty good.

    Now, I’ve bought a DLNA enabled TV, and I used it to play my mp3s from my local DLNA server to the TV (upnplay being just the controller) and it worked nicely, but whenever I try to play any kind of video I get a “No content available” error from upnplay. I’ve tried installing MX, just in case, and no luck, disabled the “Mime type watching” option too. What should I do?
    I’m so close to achieve what I want, I guess this is just some sort of bad configuration.

    Oh yeah, and it works like a charm in the LG Optimus 2X

    • bebopfreak says:

      If you get ‘No content available’ from your DLNA server, you might try to do a rescan, or private mail me to figure out what’s going on – all the nifty details of your configuration, router, server, tv, video formats, codecs, etc …

      • Carlos Lint says:

        I’ve found out how to get around it, see if that interests you:
        There’s a pretty good proprietary DLNA server on Linux called “TV Mobili”, which is free (as in beer) and let’s you stream copyrighted material (that, of course, is available to paying costumers only) from their servers.

        Switching from TVMobili to MediaTomb solved the problem, TVMobili most likely reports a different mime type (or maybe it doesn’t transcode well) for AVI files, but works ok for mp3.

  237. Son of a Gun says:

    thanks for this great app … best upnp app I’ve tested.
    But I have a problem on my HTC Sensation and HTC Desire HD: I can’t play pictures ..

    I run an ASUS rt-n56u wireless routes with a seagate disk attached to it. My media files are stored on this disk.
    Streaming music and videos to my HTC’s is working great but I can’t stream pictures.
    Each time I take pictues to the playlist uPnPlay crashes when starting to play the first picture.
    Not too long ago I didn’t have any trouble with streaming pictures …

    Any hints on this ?

    BTW: I am sooo happy that internet radio stations are contained now … What I really wanna do is to stream media files to my HTC’s and ue them as remote for an iconbit Toucan W Android bos where uPnPlay is running in server mode … Playing pictures is the only thing that isn’t working currently

    • Son of a Gun says:

      Additional info:
      – with activated setting “Appearance > Album Art Thumbs” the app crashes when playing the first picture (German setting: “Erscheinungsbild > Vorschaubilder”)
      – with deactivated setting “Appearance > Album Art Thumbs” the app does NOT crash but doesn’t play any picture

  238. Sknorrell says:


    Very nice Programm, thanks.
    I would like use it on some Android devices as mediaplayer.
    I would like control from my PC or mobilephone what the player plays or on the player himself.
    All devices are found on my PC as “Android Player”.
    Is it possible to rename the renderer?


  239. Jonas says:

    This is simply the best piece of software ever written for a smartphone. Small footprint and does exactly what it should do with excellence, nothing more and nothing less. Perfect integration with MediaMonkey 4 sharing and device sync, rendering locally or at my Pioneer SC-LX81.

    Well, missing one feature actually. I have my full music library stored as flac managed by MM and my Pioneer is fully capable of shouting that out perfectly over the neighborhood. But when I run it over UPnPlay I need to downcode to MP3 since flac is unsupported. Should be decided by the renderer, not the controller, and be able to pass through..

    Thanks for bringing the music to me!!

  240. todd says:

    getting a 500 internal server error 801 message when trying to connect to my pc?

  241. auser says:

    Attention: rant ahead. oh man, it is hard to say this but, please please please could you not open source this such that we would get porper upnp for linux?
    I have been fiddling around for a few hours with upnp “renderers” on linux (mostly rygel, it ist the “best” of these unbearable things).
    All I want is this: use a low powered PC as a Picture – Viewer (and maybe audio player, if it would work i would maybe also try to stream a small mpeg form time to time).
    Don’t get me wrong I think there are good servers (i us minidlns) and maybe even renderers (xbmc). Ok, not really Upnplay’s problem but I do think your renderer would be a great addition to linux software. Sorry for ranting & please feel free to delete/ignore this comment.

  242. Marc says:

    Hi bebopfreak,

    thank you so much for your GREAT app, I love it! There are just two smaller problems I have:

    1. When I start the app and the play list is still filled with the entries from the last start, I cannot simply play from this playlist (only have one Upnp-Server in use, so links should not have altered). If I try to, the player looks like it is playing (playing time advances) but nothing arrives at the renderer. When I clear the playlist and fill it with new entries, then it works.

    2. When I use the volume control, my renderer in most cases switches to highest available volume and seems to receive this command continously (it does not react to other commands for 5-15 seconds) and it is not possible to reduce volume via the upnplay app. My renderer is the LG HX906CB (Home Theatre BlueRay Receiver with WiFi). LG has an app of their own in the market called “LG Remote” that can be used to control the device. Within this app the volume control works (it is controlled differently than in Upnply, instead of the slider it has a plus- and a minus-button).

    Would it be usefull to create and send a log to you to look into this? Would it make sense to adjust the volume with the LG-app while Upnplay is active to perhaps capture whats happening then as opposed to whats happening when Upnply controls the volume?

    Anyway thanks a lot for your time and your great work!

    • bebopfreak says:

      1. did you try menu > settings > experimental > refresh (should help when the server changes ip and/or port)
      2. I guess volume buttons won’t work either. I would need a log file – but restart the app after changing the debug level, as I need the device description.

  243. Carlos Lint says:

    Hi bebop,

    Here’s something that annoys me frequently while using upnplay, perhaps you could fix that for me? That should annoy a lot of people besides me…
    First, I can confirm that the following happens with upnplay on LG Optimus 2X, running its stock Android 2.2 firmware.

    When I use it to play mp3 files from my nas to my phone, I often pause a song and forget about it. Then, if someone calls me on the phone, even if upnplay is running on background, it will resume playing altogether with the phone ring, and if I pick up the call the songs keeps on even though the caller will not hear it naturally, he most likely will hear thru reverberation anyway.

    The behavior is likely based on what should happen if the phone rings while it’s playing something: The song should remain paused while the call goes on and resume when you hang up, but the opposite is occurring since the song is already paused when the phone rings.

    Also, watch out for my upcoming donation, if you sort out that problem by then I’ll go for US$ 30 instead of 20, to make up for your time spent.
    Oh yeah, and on the “Quit and make a donation” button, you should place a link to english-written paypal, would be easier for people who are not well versed in german. 😉

    • bebopfreak says:

      Thanks for the bug report. Fixed in the current snapshot (and future release).

      • Carlos Lint says:

        Good, but I’m really unable to make a donation in that german paypal site.
        I’ve tried changing the start of the url to paypal.com/us/ and paypal.com/en/ (the following being preserved) but got no translation 😦
        I know I can send money to your email at gmx.net via traditional paypal, not sure if they will charge you differently due to the payment not being interpreted as a donation…? Should I do that? The link the software sends me is somewhat different than the regular send-money-to-an-email stuff.

        Still, I have to urge you, you’re most likely missing donations due to people being afraid to spend money on a site they can’t understand what’s written on (and using the phone’s browser is waaay to troublesome to try to copy the url and paste over google translator).

      • bebopfreak says:

        Adding something like lc=US as additional parameter should do the trick. I don’t know, why it doesn’t recognize the country automatically.

  244. Frank says:

    Hello bebopfreak,
    Good piece of software! Thanks for this. Do you know why UpnPlay takes so long to find my Synology NAS to use as library? It will take several minutes in order to see it in the list to use. Very annoying as you can understand. Second small wish: Can I disable the volume control? This option was new introduced since a few months, but I can’t live with it because I always touch it accidentally. Thanks!

    • bebopfreak says:

      If detection time varies largely, it means there is something wrong with your network/router, ie. controller search queries aren’t seen by your NAS, and the NAS is only detected by its ‘alive’ messages, which are independently sent every n minutes (take the mean value or your detection time and multiply it by 2). Look at menu > help > #faq

      There will be an option to disable the volume slider.

  245. Galaxy says:

    H bebopfreak,

    thanks a lot for this great app. I use it very often with foobar/upnp-plugin. Works fine!

    And the radio stations work fine on my Samsung Galaxy 2 with Android 2.3.4.
    But unfortunately the radio stations don’t work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and don’t work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus as well – on both tabs with Android 3.2.
    After starting a radio station the stream does not start. The time counter is toggling between 0:00 and 0:01 and stops after a few seconds. No sound can be heared. However artist and title info is displayed, but the stream does not work.

    Any idea to solve this? Would be great to have solution.

    • bebopfreak says:

      No idea. Unfortunately those subsystems (audio/wifi/etc. ) are extremely manufacturer dependent and cannot be tested without the device at hand.
      Could be anything from slow buffering to some incompatibility of the temporary internal url.
      It works on my Galaxy Tab Wifi (Android 2.3.6) …
      An easy patch would be to hand over the radio stream directly, but then you wouldn’t get any metadata.
      You could send some log data, but I’m not sure, if it will contain enough hints.

      • Galaxy says:

        Hi bebopfreak,
        thanks for the quick reply!
        I send you a log file via Einstellungen/Debug/SendLog.
        Maybe this helps. Thank you very much for your support.

  246. Ken says:


    Got to say this app is great. Use it all the time.

    BTW. Ran across a minor bug. When playing a track, if I pause the song then click play to resume nothing happens. If I click skip to next track that does work. Done the standard trouble shooting. Deleted cache. Reinstalled the app, still no luck. Also seeing the same behavior when pausing and resuming playback via Bluetooth. Running on an EVO 4g stock GB 2.3.



  247. Tony says:

    I’ve been trying a couple of UPnP android apps and I do like uPnPlay very much. I do have one observation and one suggestion.

    1. Cover art does not display on my PS Audio PWD when using uPnPlay. I know most of this should be due to the music server, but the art does display when I try another UPnP app on my Nook Tablet (running CM7). So I wasn’t sure if there was something about cover art that might be related to the app.

    2. Can you expand the “add to playlist” capability so that anything selected – Genres, Artists, Albums – could be added to the Playlist? If it’s a category that’s selected (long press), you could have the pop-up include an Add to Playlist option; the app would then add all the tracks that are found under that category. I think that when people put playlists together it’s usually done by Genre, or Artist, or Album selection. If you can do this I think it would be a great feature.

    • bebopfreak says:

      1) menu > settings > UPnP Control > Extended Meta might help (some renderers don’t like large amounts of metadata, so it’s pruned by default)
      2) recursively adding items is difficult to control – ask your server manufacturer to provide the lists you like

      • Tony says:

        1) That seems to have taken care of it. Thanks.
        2) I’m now using my Server to create the Playlists I want and I can select them from UPnP.

  248. Tony says:

    I’ll try the metadata change, thanks.

    As for the recursive selection, I understand. I’m looking at the Logitech Slimdevices user interface as my example. I’ve used the Squeezbox in the past, and I guess it is possible to do that sort of track selection by group etc. Making it available to the user would be killer, I still think.

  249. Lemmi says:

    A very fast and usefull app; Everytime I start using it with logitech touch I get an error message 400 bla bla, but than the Logitech works fine. Its faster than every other app working with DLNA. It works also with Philips TV. If you need any information I will send and do testing. Kind reagrds

  250. gbetous says:

    Hi ! Thanks a lot for this beautifull app ! Simple and efficient 🙂

    I notice a little bug I have : the cover.jpg file is used in the playlist view (little icon in fornt of the track name), but not visible in play mode (large screen with current playing track). I use miniDLNA as a server and WDTV Live as renderer.
    Tell me if I can help you for debugging this !

    • bebopfreak says:

      Usually it should work with miniDLNA (though covers look awful, as they are downsampled)
      May be the playlist isn’t up to date (thumbnails are cached, covers aren’t)
      Recreate the playlist / clear the cache (see help) / send a log file

  251. Steve Pacenka says:

    Thanks for this app. I tried several including payware and yours has been the only reliable one with my Twonky server. I just donated 10 Euros.

    The paypal link in the FAQ seems to be broken.

    This works well to control WDTV devices that I use as audio upnp renderers, or the android renderer.

  252. Tony says:

    I have another question. Is it possible to eliminate the list limit that causes long lists to have to be shown on multiple pages?

    • bebopfreak says:

      menu > settings > behaviour > browser page size

      • Tony says:

        Thanks. That helped a lot, but I hit the memory limit on my Nook Tablet. I was able to set the page size to 5000 entries; when I navigated to the next page the NT ran out of memory. Would it be possible to offload previous screens to virtual memory the app could create on, say, a SD card?

      • bebopfreak says:

        You can disable menu > settings > miscellaneous > history cache, and free some memory, but it probably won’t work with 5000 entries.
        With a suitable media server you shouldn’t need to load long lists – the server should provide ‘search’ and/or should be customizable to offer a browse tree that complies to your needs.

  253. Chris says:

    Loving this app. Loving it even more now that I’ve learned how to remotely access my server at home. Thank you for all your work. More than worth a donation.

  254. Tony says:

    I got an automatic update to version 0.0.67. I think there may be a problem with this version. When I have a playlist which is made up of tracks from different albums and the track currently playing completes, it advances to the next track in that album instead of the next track in the playlist. Previous versions did not do this.

    • bebopfreak says:

      I certainly don’t look at the album info when playing a playlist – it’s probably some other effect. Maybe some tracks cannot be played any more – playlists or parts of them might get invalid. Have you tried with newly created playlists?

      • Tony says:

        Yes. In fact I cleared my entire library database and rebuilt it, then rebuilt my playlists. Still happened. Is there anything I can capture which might give you any info on this?

  255. Redo says:

    I am running upnplay as a renderer on a Ethernet connected Android setop box.
    On startup, it complains a missing Wifi interface. I always need to use the remote control to close this message. Any chance to avoid this message?

  256. Vasile Dumitrescu says:

    Great application in general, would be perfect for me if I could control buffering. is it possible to implement some sort of buffer size controls? I have a mkv of an action movie and although the bitrate averages 9000kbit/sec, it peaks from time to time at 20 or more, and causes every player I have to stutter. this could be avoided if there was a significant (and preferably configurable) buffer built-in.
    Any thoughts?

    • bebopfreak says:

      The app simply passes the Video-URI to the videoplayer.
      Buffering at the UPnPlay level would amount to writing sort of a buffering HTTP-Proxy,
      which certainly isn’t a very efficient solution (more processes, more sockets, ….)
      Buffering should be done (and certainly is done) by the videoplayers themselves.
      Aren’t there any with a configurable buffer (VPlayer??).

  257. Vasile Dumitrescu says:

    To be clear, I am not talking about the option to cache the data on SD card, I am talking about pure RAM buffering 🙂

  258. Alice says:

    I feel like such a dummy… When I try to have it open my computer device it says:
    “Status 500: Internal Server Error, Error 801: Access denied”

    I saw that you answered to someone else about their laptop that they need to enable sharing in Windows Media Player but I cannot find on option for that at all or what the option would say or look like for this to work. Please help! I would really love to watch movies from my PC on my phone using this app!

    Thank you

  259. Alice says:

    Wow I just figured it out. I had to go into my Network and Sharing options on my computer and figure it out in there. If anyone else ran into this same problem and needs help let me know and I can help you!

  260. Alice says:

    Damn, sorry to post again. I jumped the gun a bit. I was able to get it to open my computer and when I went into the Videos folder then All Videos, nothing showed up :/ Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • bebopfreak says:

      OS, server software?
      Read the help instructions of you server software (WMP 11/12?). Make the directories with your video files known to your server software.
      Only videos with formats that are recognized by your server as videos will show up.

  261. jclarens says:

    Great app!!

    Hi, I have translated strings.xml into spanish, let me know how I can send it you.

    best r.,


  262. Sintac says:

    Great app! Thanks for that. I was browsing the options,Gbecause Rurrently it “auto adds” (green +) all files when I browse to a folder. Is there a way to invert this setting, that I actively need to add a files to my playlist? Thanks

  263. Steve Pacenka says:

    Suggestion: in server contents display of tracks in an album, they should be sorted by disc number then track number. Other apps talking to my dlna servers preserve the proper order; upnplayer shows all tracks 1, then all tracks 2 etc. Thanks for a great app!

    • bebopfreak says:

      Unfortunately UPnP doesn’t know anything about disc numbers. So asking the server to sort tracks along the track number seems to be dependent on the server. miniDLNA does what you expect. In the current snapshot there is the possibility to switch off sort options (settings > experimental), so that the server provides tracks in its default order – may be that helps.

      • Steve Pacenka says:

        Thanks for the new version. No effect on my test multi-album, Miles’ Complete Bitches Brew :^) . Server is Twonky.

      • Bas says:

        First of all what a great app! But all songs in alphabetical order? This is the only flaw but can you sort this out? Server Sort Order doesn’t work…

      • bebopfreak says:

        Seems to be a server problem. Did you try any other server? If your server preserves the tracknumber information you can sort by
        menu > more > sort > album.

  264. Tank A. says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for a very useful, and also free nonetheless app. Tried several options until I stumbled onto yours. Tip of a hat to you my good man. =)

  265. JimW says:

    Hey Steve. I am using minidlna and UPnPlay. My muti disc albums sort OK. I never could get Twonky to work. Could not even get it to sort by track number. Always alphabetical

  266. r3v0l says:

    This app does not respect my VPN connection. I don’t want to set up a WAN server as this would be insecure. App won’t work if it cannot find a Wifi connection. Please remove the restriction.

    • bebopfreak says:

      There is no restriction to be removed. Just check settings > media sources > wan server. (You need a widea area network connection as your private network is only VIRTUAL).
      If your VPN does not support multi-cast (your server isn’t detected) you either have to define a clone or activate detection cache (if IP addresses stay the same over VPN).

  267. Joop says:

    Great app!
    One question: I’ve cloned the LAN server (a UPNP NAS Synology) to WAN, put in a portnumber 5000, a valid user ID and password. When clicking on it, the only thing happened is the message “Connecting with “.
    Yes, i’ve enabled WAN in the settings.
    Any suggestion?

    With kind regards, en keep up the good work!


  268. peter says:

    Nice app!!! …I can play media from my mediacenter to my laptop (and visa versa) from my tablet (just an other generic chinees flytouch/epad clone) but i have some problems with te video playback on my tablet??? (al due mp3 works with music player) …When I try to play it, “with android player”? …Nothing happens???

    …But the worst problem is, that i can’t vind it on market/play on my tablet? (had to download it manually)

    …Keep up the good work!

    • bebopfreak says:

      You might want to read the help file (menu > help). I don’t know about market problem – there are nearly no market restrictions for UPnPlay. May be some market enabler app can help.

  269. Bas says:

    Yes I used the squeezebox server and then it’s all right. But I don’t want start mij PC. I have a NAS and a Primare MM30 renderer. It works brilliant except the order of the songs….

  270. Bas says:

    Yes I used the squeezebox server and then it’s all right but slow. But I don’t want to start mij PC. I have a NAS and a Primare MM30 renderer. It works brilliant except the order of the songs….

    • bebopfreak says:

      Either your NAS server doesn’t mark album containers as ‘MusicAlbum’ or it has no sorting capabilities. You should complain at your NAS’ forum.
      May be it’s possible to install another server like miniDLNA on your NAS.

  271. RichardN says:

    Dude! Thanks for this awesome app. Sadly it stopped working after I got a new phone (Galaxy s3). I can no longer see the library of my Popcorn Hour A200. I can, however, see the server. Is there anything you know that could solve this issue? Thanks!

  272. tampigns says:

    I use your application which is really great. I already tried many UPNP controller app on the market but your is definitaly the stablest.

    The company which i work for make Android tablets.
    Then i would like to know if you would be interested in allowing us to preload your application in our products. We would try to promote your app and give you a free tablet.
    Please let me know if you would be interested in such partnership.

    Thank you!

  273. Doug says:

    Great App!

    I’m trying to use the WAN Server function (which I know is not supported — but i’m hoping you can at least point me in the right direction by explaining what the error message below means). I’ve cloned my Twonky UPNP server to the WAN. When i try to connect it says ‘connecting to…’ but nothing happens. I set the logs to verbose. There is an entry in the logs that says V/CyberGarage uuid: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is already blacklisted. What does this mean, and there is a way to remove it from a blacklist?

  274. thomass says:

    I’ve been a user in the past and just installed the current version on a device and I can’t get it to stop playing. If I back out of a playing video it starts the next in the list of available videos. Any ideas on a setting? If it is in the video player program and not yours; please let me know and I’ll start changing thing there. Thanks

    • bebopfreak says:

      Either select ‘play one’ (among repeat, repeat one etc.) or stop the player immediately after it has started the next video.

      • thomass says:

        Not really working for me. I used in the past but now it is unusable for me. If I manage to get out… as soon as I go back in it starts trying to play again.

      • bebopfreak says:

        Not really understanding what’s going on. May be uninstall and reinstall the app in order to reset the settings.

  275. Tibo says:


    Great app! The only things I don’t really love are design and navigation.
    Still any plan to make an OpenSource project to let other contributors making growing the app with you?

  276. Pedro says:


    I liked the app, but I am having some problems:

    My Setup is:
    -UPnP Server on my Router (Asus RT-N56)
    -UPnPlay on my Galaxy Nexus
    -Renderer is my UN40D5500 Samsung TV

    When I try to play some specific video files I receive the message on my phone: “unsuported format:video/x-matroska”, but the video file is suported by my TV if I directly access the UPnP server (my router), or plug a USB drive on it. Am I missing something?

    • bebopfreak says:

      Either the matching process is buggy, or your TV is lying. In order to know I would need a log file.

      You can try switching off mime type matching:
      menu > settings > upnp control > mime type matching

      • Pedro says:

        Disabling the mime type matching worked, thank you!

      • Pedro says:

        I am having the problem again bebop, mime type matching is unchecked but I am receiving the message: Unsupported format(s): image/jpeg video/matroska.

        The video is a h264 MKV and it is supported by my player if I directly access it. Do you need logs or something to analyse?

      • bebopfreak says:

        Some preferences are now on a per renderer basis.
        Long click on the renderer item, select ‘Preferences…’ and uncheck mime type matching.

  277. Thomas says:

    I’d just like to say that UPnPlay works great on my beagleboard rev c2 running froyo (cf. http://code.google.com/p/rowboat/wiki/DSP). Together with mediatomb, I can access recorded video, live tv (VDR streams published by mediatomb), LastFM via lastfmproxy and muchmore.
    Thank you!

  278. First thing to say is that UPnPlay is great. Thanks.

    Second thing to say is, sorry, I’m sure what I’m going to ask has a really simple answer that I have failed to find. But it isn’t for lack of trying…

    I have mediatomb running on a Linux box. In general no problems playing my files on a Google Nexus 7 with UPnPlay. Playlists I make in UPnPlay work fine too. The problem is with all the playlists I have on the machine running Mediatomb, which are made with Rhythmbox (most are .m3u but I have also tried .pls and .xspf) in a subdirectory of my main music directory. I can see the playlist directory and files with UPNPlay but it tries to play them as if playlist were a music file (rather than parsing them as playlists). I can also transfer the playlists to the Nexus and open them (at least the xspf files) in UPNPlay – it parses the tag info but doesn’t find the music files.

    I’m sure I’m overlooking something obvious but any suggestions about how to get this to work would be appreciated.


    • bebopfreak says:

      Look at the mediatomb documentation for how to import playlists.
      Playlists that contain filenames won’t work directly, as only the UPnP server knows the relation between filenames and media urls.

      • Thanks for this. V helpful and confirms my suspicions. After more digging it seems that the reason Mediatomb can’t deal with playlists might be because it isn’t compiled with javascript support. I think it is possible to recompile to get around this but I’ve switched to MiniDLNA instead which seems to cope with the playlists without any problems.
        Thanks again.

  279. rhj says:

    I think it is a great app. The only thing I haven’t come to grips yet is:
    How would I delete ALL caches – playlists, albums, cover pictures, etc.?
    I would be greatful for any hint.

    • bebopfreak says:

      One hint would be: look at the help file.
      Caches can be deleted by disabling them in settings or delete the file UPnPlay/cache.db.
      Playlists you’ve explicitly saved can be deleted by long pressing on the items and choosing ‘Delete’.
      Any other data on your SD card has to be deleted from your SD card. It might be necessary to
      additionally delete data that was created by the ‘Media Store’ service and do a restart of that Android service.

  280. rhj says:

    When is the new album edit to “local media”?
    I uploaded a new album containing mp3 files to the local storage of my Nexus One.
    When navigating to “local media” – “audio” – “albums” the newly added album is *NOT* displayed. However, with a file explorer I can see the file on the media together with all the files that have been there before.
    Is there any server process responsible for this behaviour? BTW: I deleted the cash to be prior to uploading the new album.
    Could somebody please elaborate on how all this works?

  281. rhj says:

    I observed a strange behaviour with the display of album art:
    All my albums are organised in separate directories. Each of the MP3 files have the album art embedded. In addition the directory contains a file called “folder.jpg” containing the album art.

    From the help file I learnt that the embedded album art is not displayed. So I assumed that the “folder.jpg” is used for display.

    I have two identical directories, one stored on my media server (Twonky Media) and one the local medium of my Nexus One.
    When playing the file from the local medium, the display of the local art (jpg, 200×200 or 500×500 pixel) appears blurred. When playing the same file from the media server the display of the *identical* album art is crispy clear!!!
    How does that happen?
    Could somebody please elaborate on how album art is dealt with in UPnPlay?

    • bebopfreak says:

      From the fact that UPnPlay doesn’t extract embedded album art, you cannot conclude that you need additional folder.jpg files per directory.
      Usually the UPnP server extracts embedded album art and sends a link to UPnPlay. Therefore UPnPlay can display embedded album art, as long
      as the server is able to extract it.

      For local media the Android service MediaStore extracts the embedded album art, keeps a cache of album thumbs covers and provides a link to the cached thumbnail for UPnPlay. (The cache is somewhere at Android/data/com.andriod.providers.media)

      It depends on the UPnP server or MediaStore service, if it prefers embedded album art or files and at which resolution album art is cached.

      So with two identical direcories, you have two different processes that extract metadata and therefore you get different results.

      • rhj says:

        Thank you very much for the speedy response.

        This collaboration on the dealing with album art was really helpful to further sort out the problem I stated.

        Thank you very much, again.

  282. Pedro says:

    Hi again,
    -From inside my home LAN I can access the media files provided by a DLNA-UPnP server and “stream” then to my TV (also connected to the LAN)
    -From outside my home LAN I can access the media files on my DLNA server using the “Clone WAN” UPnPlay feature and a VPN connection between my Android OS and my router.

    I am just wondering if the following setup is possible:
    -From OUTSIDE my home LAN (lets say, connected to LAN2, on my friends house) I want to bridge the media files located on my UPnP server (which is located on my home LAN) to an UPnP client connected to LAN2 (which is not my home LAN).
    For example:
    I am in a friends house and I want to listen for some music located on my home (UPnP server) in his TV (UPnP client) using my Android as the bridge.
    My LAN:
    -UPnP Server
    My Friends LAN:
    -UPnP Client
    -My phone (connected to MY LAN through VPN)

    • bebopfreak says:

      Shouldn’t work, the problem being VPN:
      1) usually you cannot access VPN and LAN at the same time with android devices (there would be IP address conflicts)
      2) if you could, your friend’s TV wouldn’t be able to handle the media url that contains a VPN translated IP address and there would be no way for it to access the (encrypted) VPN stream from your phone.
      It should work, if you can set up the WAN server without VPN, simply by router forwarding.
      ( 2) could be fixed by adding some ‘relay’ functionality to the app. But 1) should be tested first.)

      • Pedro says:

        I see… Don’t you think I can have problems if I setup a UPnP WAN server with no security? (just forwarding the ports)?

      • bebopfreak says:

        … you’ll probably end up in jail!
        It should be easy to test 1) and check, if both your friends devices and your own show up simultaneously.

  283. Pedro says:

    Lol, that’s not a concern for me, the country where I live people kill and don’t go to jail.

    I will try 1), but it was a hypothetical question, I do not have a “friend waiting to hear my music on his TV”, but I’ll figure it out how to perform the test and I will inform you if it works.

  284. ubuntumsn1@hotmail.com says:

    Version:0.0.73 has bugs.
    HTTP Content-Type not match.
    It always send Content-Type: text/html
    Previous version (0.0.72) didn’t send it.

  285. rhj says:

    When using UPnPlay to select my music albums stored on my smartphone, I would like to have the choice to pick the albums first by “genre” and then “album”. When navigating Audio > Genres > ‘specific genre’ > there is only a list of composers/interprets.
    Can that be customized somehow in UPnPlay? I suspect not; I’d rather suspect that is determined by the Android Media Server. Am I right?
    If so, can the Android Media Server be customized? Does anybody know what terms to google for?
    Greetings rhj

    • bebopfreak says:

      – the browse structure cannot be customized, but users would like it to be
      – it does not depend on the Android MediaStore service, so no need and no way to change that

  286. Richard McCusker says:

    Is there a way to include vtuner in the library in order to select radio stations?
    Many thanks

    • bebopfreak says:

      As far as I know, vtuner is commercial like most radio directory services.
      But you can get radio stations via your Android Browser:
      – install the newest UPnPlay snapshot (see above)
      – activate Sample Radio Stations
      – go to vtuner.com with your Browser
      – select the station you like
      – select UPnPlay as player
      You can save the station into a playlist: long press and select ‘Add Track to…’
      You can orginize playlists with playlist names like ‘MyRadios-Funk’ etc.

  287. sanyix says:

    Is it possible to connect on DLNA server by ip address from upnplayer? Because i got a pile of junk Cisco EPC3925 modem-router from my ISP, which has a known bug that it isn’t sends multicast packets between lan-wlan(which are used by the server to advertise the presence), so the server is not visible for the android devices on wlan, because the server is on lan.
    The only time when the server becomes visible in upnplay is when the server gets restarted. I don’t know how it works, but the server finds the android device with upnplay running. But to restart the server every time when i start this app, is not so confortable.
    Even an option to save the server in the app and access it even if it’s not visible would be nice.

    • bebopfreak says:

      Either cache the server data:
      – menu > settings > experimental > cache detection
      or treat it as wlan server and actively do the connection:
      – menu > settings > media sources > wlan server
      and then clone the server (see help)

      • sanyix says:

        wow thanks, cache detection was the solution. wlan server(do you meant wan server) don’t.

      • bebopfreak says:

        Sorry, I meant WAN server.
        If activated you get a ‘WAN Server’ menu option in the library screen, where you can fill out the form with ip, port and path.
        But caching is easier – if multi-cast alive messages make it from the server to the controller.

  288. JanN says:

    Many many thanks for your great app – i have tested a lot of other apps, but no other one is that good and stable. I run it on my Xoom with a twonky server on my Zyxel-NAS. On monday i’ll get a little chinese android-tablet, that i’ll use as a remote with my Xoom controlled renderer…
    If you like, i could write a german localization.
    Best regard

    • bebopfreak says:

      What’s missing is a german translation of the ‘help’. I wouldn’t mind, if you write one – you can get the english source via apk editing or from the web.

      • JanN says:

        Sorry, in my enthusiasm i didn’t realize, that it was already well translated. I’ll try it with the help…

  289. Paolo says:

    Hi! Between songs I get a noise, like a buzz. The same appears at the end of albums. It seems that app is losing control of output to jack. Any idea how to solve the problem? (Android 4.0.3) Bye

    • bebopfreak says:

      Losing control is a feature of Android experimental, doesn’t work with all devices) or use Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean allows audio chaining, i.e. you get real gapless play (at least with FLAC).

  290. Ted says:

    Bebopfreak, love UPnPlay (great app), but I’m suddenly having issues with streaming from foobar (foo_upnp). For some reason FLAC’s don’t stream at all and the foobar library is only detected when (re)started after UPnPlay is running. I checked foobar’s debugging console for errors (none) and updated to the latest versions (1.1.18/0.99.40) to no avail. I know I was able to use this combo in the past, so I must be missing something. Any ideas?

  291. scott says:

    i got your app …works fine running on samsung s1 via ps3 media server no problems found …its awesome music and video stream fine

  292. sebus says:

    ICS 4.0.3 MX Player 1.7.1
    mp4/mkv will not play using upnplay from uPnp server – error “unsupported format :application/octet-stream”
    Anybody knows how to get it going?

    • bebopfreak says:

      The correct format for mkv is “video/x-matroska”, “application/octet-stream” is nonsense. Fix your server, as it doesn’t seem to adhere to UPnP standards.

  293. sebus says:

    Solution was easy, had to change mkv to be video/mpeg in upnp server mime.types
    Now I was asked what to use to play it (chose MX Player) and mkv plays perfectly fine!

  294. peter says:

    Hi there,
    tried many upnp apps, but only yours works exactly the way I want it. So thank your for your great work! Only thing on my wishlist: own themes 🙂

  295. Ari says:

    Happy new Year and thanks for all the effort you put into this!
    Media Server: Twonky 7 on a ReadyNas Utrla
    Media Renderer: Panasonic BDT500

    Question: is it necessary for the controller (UpnpPlay) to be always online in order for the playlist tracks to advance? Is this a design flaw of DLNA? Can’t it just save the track list to the Rendener and then I could shut my tablet down and listen to a whole album for the next hour? Are there any expert options for that?

    A proprietary solution like Squeezebox does not need the controller to be online all the time, only during track selection.

    By the way, for serious living-room hi-fi listening I find the DLNA protocol terrible!

    Thank you again,

    • bebopfreak says:

      Most probably it’s necessary – but it depends on the renderer capabilities.
      In DLNA there are at least two ways to pass playlists: allowing playlists mime types and a feature called dlna-playcontainer, i.e. pass a link of a UPnP server container. The design flaw of DLNA is the fact that these features are optional (same with gapless play) and you cannot tell from the sticker ‘DLNA’, if any of them is implemented.
      Usually DLNA means: We were lazy and implemented the absolute minimum.

  296. Love this app and use it along with mx player to watch video off my asus rt-n16 via dlna.

    Is there a way to have the app start in browser/library mode rather than now playing? To be more clear, it says ‘no cover’ (I don’t have any music on here right now) and then I click the browser button. That is what I’d like the app to start on.


  297. DaveC72 says:

    Thanks for a great app !
    I had been looking to get rid of my Sirius Radio in the garage for a long while (terrible audio quality for $18/mo), and finally picked up a D2Pad android device ($99).
    In addition to using WInamp to source Shoutcast streams (aka, my ‘radio feed’ replacement), I use Plex (on my server) with UpnPlay on my D2Pad to listen to my entire music library !
    UpnPlay is logically laid out and seems to work great.
    Thanks again !

  298. cc says:

    Would it be possible to add some option to use the app as alarm clock?

    I mean that upnplayer starts playing at a predefined time?

    Currently I use my PC which wakes up from standby and plays some music in the morning. But nice would be to initiate play from my Nexus, so my Onkyo network receiver would play it directly.

    Other option would it be possible to use upnplayer via an intent? so i can write a small app myself and only start upnplayer via an intent? Are there some intents defined?

    UPnPlay is a very cool tool and we use it massively. Is there any way to support the development (money)?

    • bebopfreak says:

      There are no options to use it as alarm clock.

      But there are intents:
      cx.hoohol.silanoid.Silanoid, ACTION_MAIN, CATEGORY_LAUNCHER
      and extras:
      cx.hoohol.silanoid.EXTRA_START_PLAYING: boolean, set to true
      cx.hoohol.silanoid.EXTRA_SETUP_DELAY: int, number of seconds usually needed for discovery and other setup operations, before it’s ready to start playing

      If it shouldn’t work, just mail me.

      There are donation buttons in ‘help’, my web page, …

  299. IR says:

    First, thanks a lot for writing UPnPlay. It’s one of the few UPnP players I’ve been able to find that has the ability to manually connect to a media server instead of just automatically scanning for one. I need this feature to connect to my media server over the Internet. Given that, would it be possible for UPnPlay to retain user-specified WAN servers between sessions? Right now, my manually-entered server is deleted from the list every time I close UPnPlay. I know I can just keep UPnPlay running in the background to avoid having to re-enter my server details, but this has the effect of really draining my tablet’s battery.

    • bebopfreak says:

      WAN server definitions should be retained. Can you email me and detail what you are doing and what’s happening.

      • IR says:

        I can’t seem to find your email address, but here are more details. I’m running the latest version of UPnPlay from the Google Play store on my Nexus 7. Connecting to my server works just fine; I enter my server information in the “WAN server” panel, tap the new entry, tap the MediaMonkey (UPnP/DLNA server) item that subsequently appears, and gain access to my music collection over the Internet. However, if I quit UPnPlay and open it again, neither my WAN server nor the MediaMonkey entry appear in the Library screen.

      • bebopfreak says:

        You can get my email address from Google Play.
        The field ‘UDN’ must be filled out, it’s used to identify WAN Server objects.

  300. rahl says:

    Hi there! I use UPnPlay on a GalaxyTab10.1 since quite a while but would like to remote control music via my Nexus4. The music comes wireless from a media server. UPnPlay acts as renderer and I can command files to be played. However, despite having a playlist, music stops playing After Each Song. I tried about 10 different DLNA player apps (essentially all free ones I could find, e.g. EMP UPnP-AV Controlpoint or WiFi Oh Player, …) and they all have the same problem. Playback can be handled externally (Music Player of the Tab, Google Play Music) or internally by UPnPlay. The internal handling does never show the playlist on the device. Any idea how to solve this? No ideas left after spending more than a day in testing many combinations

    • bebopfreak says:

      How it should work.

      UPnPlay as controller and some UPnP renderer:
      The playlist stays at the controller, when a track is finished, the controller tells the renderer what to play next. When the controller is switched off, the renderer stops.

      UPnPlay as controller and a UPnPlay renderer:
      Additionally it’s possible to pass a playlist to the renderer and switch the controller into monitor mode. When the controller is switched off, the renderer continues to play the playlist:
      – select the UPnPlay renderer as renderer
      – either on the playlist screen long press the renderer item and select ‘Pass Control’
      – or on the the browser screen long press a track item and select ‘Play Container’

  301. rahl says:

    Thanks for the very quick reply. The latter option would be desirable. I installed UPnPlay on the Nexus4. The icon called ‘Renderer’ on the phone does not do anything (e.g. call a diagog in which I could select the running renderer). The renderer works fine, as demonstrated by other controllers, as mentioned below. I read your help function again, any further ideas?

    Interestingly, and after so many attempts, somehow BubbleUPNP cooperates with the EMP UPnP-AV Controlpoint. It does not transfer the playlist but advances to the next song even when the phone’s display is not on. This is of course only a temporary solution (30 min each, as long as I haven’t bought BubbleUPNP so far).

  302. Ken says:

    Just updated my tablet and I longer see the Settings option in the task bar. Is there another way to access them?

  303. John says:

    Same here
    Also Wan playing is broken
    Back to .75 version

  304. Jason says:

    Hello, Love the player, but I just noticed I’m having issues with the WAN Server function and the Library list.
    The WAN server worked until the other day. I’m not sure what changed, but I had installed SnoreClock and Smart Voice Recorder last night. I uninstalled both, reinstalled UPnPlay, and rebooted the phone. On LAN the media plays fine. On WAN I can browse the media, but when queued it never actually plays.

    The menus I’m referring to is where sources and media to play is selected. It used to be that I could touch the top of the screen where the current folder was shown and select some folder higher in the file tree. Now when I touch the folder name at the top of the screen an empty list of boxes is displayed. If I touch one of the boxes it does go to the correct folder in the tree, but since titles are not displayed I have to remember what level in the tree I want to go to.

    I’ve got a Droid HD Maxx running Android 4.1.1


  305. Ken says:

    I’m having the same problem. When I try to access my media server over the WAN upnplay tries to load the first song and eventually times out. I first started to see this with version .75. I emailed a log to you.


  306. mark d says:

    Hello – thanks for the nice app. Is there a way to download all songs in a list without needing to select “OK” on the pop up menu? Also, it would be nice to download from the Library Playlist Screen and also get the playlist to download along with the songs. This functionality would prevent me from needing to synch music via usb for access on the road (don’t want to stream from outside my wan). Lastly, any plans to support Windows Phone?

    • bebopfreak says:

      – uncheck menu > settings > miscellaneous > downloading > download file dialog
      – I have to check, how difficult it is to generate playlists;
      but real synching is out of scope
      – no plans to support Windows Phone

  307. mark d says:

    Sorry, original post should have said “Is there a way to download all songs in a list without needing to select “OK” on the pop up menu for all songs?

    Also, I can’t seem to select any new photo viewers that I have installed – they do not come up on the list.

    • bebopfreak says:

      There are nearly no photo viewers that can handle streamed pictures, that’s why they don’t show up. They should show up for pictures on your sd card.

  308. H Compagnion says:

    Did I ever write how great your app is? After having tried most of them, yours is the best! Of course, there’s always things that can be improved, but as is, it’s great. Thank you so much. I will definitely donate an amount shortly.

  309. ch says:

    Hi, i love your app, and please implement a pattern, how downloaded files should be named. Maybe it is an issue of minidlna i use, but when i download a music title, the saved file is named as the title, but the interpret is skipped, although the file is shown right in the file list of upnplay, with title and interpret.
    Original file: ipret – tname.ogg ; downloaded file: tname.ogg

    And it would be nice if i could sort titles also by interprets.

    Thx a lot

    • bebopfreak says:

      UPnP doesn’t provide any information about the original filename (it’s not necessarily a file that is streamed), so it’s impossible to infer the original filename of a track – a fixed pattern would probably be the next best thing. But why do you need special filenames, are there any conflicts?
      You can sort tracks along artists in the playlist screen.

      • ch says:

        Yes, you are right, the tracks are sorted by artists, sorry.
        No, i don’t need special filenames, but my tracks on the server are normally named as
        artist – trackname.* (many different artists in the same folder (dj mixes)). And when i download a track – just because i’m too lazy doing it another way, ftp maybe – the downloaded trackname lacks the artist name, so that information is “lost”. And it just would be nice if the downloaded file would also be named as artist – trackname.*
        That’s all, thx.

  310. lim says:

    i love this app.
    and i need one function.
    when i longpress the folder name, it would be good that there are ‘play’ option and ‘enqeue’ option.

  311. dheijl says:

    Excellent app.Downloaded it based on positive comments by users, and I am not disappointed!
    Nothing negative to report so far: it’s fast, responsive, and it immediately recognized my media servers.

  312. earl k. says:

    Video plays very well and connects to Windows Media Center 7 servers for recorded TV.

    But when selecting videos from a large list of a recorded tv series, it’s hard to tell which ones are the most recent. I have to look up TV series episodes online to find out the title of the episode and then search for that title name.

    It would be better to change the list of titles to provide a different sort order like most recent on top.

    Thanks for your hard work, Bebopfreak!

  313. Vincent Kars says:

    Nice app
    Use it when commuting to play local media.
    At home I use it as a remote to control JRiver.

    When I play a 24 bit / 192 kHz file, the App reports the sample rate correct but the bit depth is reported as 16 bit.

    • bebopfreak says:

      UPnPlay displays as bit depth what it gets from the server as metadata, it doesn’t analyze the media data.
      Should work fine for flac files (or uncompressed pcm).
      Concerning mp3s (or other compressed formats), as far as I know there is no bit depth as values are encoded as float, and therefore the actual bit depth depends on the decoder.
      The server shouldn’t provide any bit depth values at all for mp3s as it doesn’t know anything about the decoder.

  314. Vincent Kars says:

    Tried it against Asset UPnP instead of JRiver.
    Now the bit depth is reported correctly as 24 bit (FLAC)
    Obvious a JRiver error

  315. Nutomic says:

    For anyone interested in an open source UPNP control point:

    I made one called ControlDLNA which is available here: